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  1. Fuel lines

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    Hi. I have a 2007 clio mk 3 dci. I have read many threads on starting issues but can't find similar 1 to mine. I have no fuel in fuel line at primer pump. No bubbles, nothing. I don't have a pump in the tank just gauge sender. If I pump the primer nothing happens. No fuel still. Just had...
  2. 1.5 DCI injector or injector seal replacement - how to video

    Quick video on how to replace injector or injector seals on 1.5 dci. customer complaint of fumes smell in cap, found 2 injectors blowing past seals. put a video together on how to fix it :)
  3. Fuel filter

    Does anyone know if there is a fuel filter in the Renault twingo and if so do you know where it’s located? Thanks.
  4. Captur fuel consumption,

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    Hi got a renault captur 900cc 2018 on finance. I feel that the car is using a lot of fuel and that i am not getting the correct miles per gallon. I am currently getting 42mpg and this does not differ from city driving or motorway driving. There is also a strong smell of petrol when running. any...
  5. Syphon or drain fuel tank. Laguna MK2.

    Hi everyone. I'm new to forums so if I'm breaking any rules please let me know. I have a 2003 Renault Laguna MK2. One of the most reliable motors I have owned. I need to drain the fuel tank but don't know the best way. I assume there is a non return valve in the tank so a simple hose and...
  6. Fuel pressure solenoid 2.0 ide F5R ?

    Hi guys , new to the forum . I recently inherited a 02 plate laguna in pretty mint condition with 60 k on . On driving i had a loss of power /limp home mode .garage diagnosed a bad fuel pressure solenoid .They have said part can only be sourced from Renault France with a 2 week lead time and...
  7. finding fuel pump fuse

    Hi hope someone can help, I have a renault super 5 campus prima but I can't find the fuel pump fuse/relay :crying2:
  8. location: Fuel pressure regulator and Fuel pressure sensor Renault laguna 3

    Could you please guide me to reach to Fuel pressure regulator and Fuel pressure sensor Renault laguna 3 location? attached engine photo..
  9. Fuel prices......

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  10. Renault Clio mk2 2003 fuel gauge problem

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    Ok so I don't think my fuel sensor is ready right. I fill the tank up full and the drive maybe 10 miles and I use a gallon. Or if I have half a tank and put In theory I should put in 3 gallons it should be full but the car doesn't allow me to put in 3 and then says it's completely full. Im...
  11. 1.5dci fuel filter

    Hi all, i am looking to service my 07 mk11 1.5 dci megane. I tried to order a new diesel filter but the parts company arent sure which filter to get, he said there are a few options. I have had a look at how to vids and they had paper filters but when i searched in an online shop they looked...
  12. Help! 1.5dCi Fuel Filter Removal

    Okay, so I actually have a Nissan Micra, BUT it has the 1.5dCi engine. I've tried asking on the Micra forums, but nobody wants to even help :mad: Right, so I've been following Guy's steps on how to change the diesel fuel filter on a K12 (Nissan Micra K12 - Repair jobs under the bonnet). I've...
  13. Fuel gauge & speedometer rimini autosleeper

    Hi all First time posting! My 1990 Rimini autosleeper has been in the garage for a few weeks, failed the MOT on a couple of minor things but needed a new gearbox so has had a fair bit of work. I've just driven her for the first time, the fuel gauge and speedometer are both not working, could...
  14. Can 'Fuel Filter with Water Sensor' replaced with 'Fuel Filter withOUT Water Sensor'

    Can 'Fuel Filter with Water Sensor' replaced with 'Fuel Filter withOUT Water Sensor'? Vehicle INFO: Vehicle: Renault Laguna 3 1.5 dCi 110 BHP Royale Authentique CDi Engine: 1461 Diesel 78KW Transmission: Manual Colour & Bodytype: Grey 5 dr HATCHBACK (5 seats) Year: 2008 (9 years 4 months)
  15. No Fuel in Fuel Line

    Hey Everyone, I ran out of fuel and then car not starting after adding fuel in tank. I observed No Fuel in Fuel Line, I tried to start car after every 5 secs but not working. :( Could you please help me to bleed fuel line? Where is fuel filter locator? and fuel pump fuse? Thanks Vehicle...
  16. 1.5 dci 2004 air in fuel rail

    fitted recon pump and recon injectors blanked 3 pipes off from new fuel filter and sucked on pipe and no leaks but air in inlet pipe and froffing from return car ticks over and then a fuel knock can be heard and cuts out intermittently diag showing low fuel pressure and High fuel pressure in...
  17. 2.2dci hp fuel pump.

    New pump fitted & no fuel discharging from the hp port. Lp supply / return working fine. Any help appreciated.
  18. fuel pipes 1.5 dci

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    Brought some new fuel pipes and colors are different any one can help were they go to the colors on the filter are there, so could do with knowing were other end goes IE blue to return on pump etc
  19. 1.5 dci fuel consumption - are injectors blocked?

    I have a Grand Scenic 1.5 dci (2010) 178 000 km on the clock. A trip computer tell a diesel consumption is 7,4 l/100 km but calculated from tank to tank, the real consumption is 6,0 l/100 km. I think the reason for this is probably blocked diesel injector/injectors. On the other hand, is there...
  20. Clio 2012 fuel gauge flicks up and down

    Hi The fuel gauge seems to go up and down every now and again. It is usually when the tank is full but less frequently when empty. But at other times can give abrupt change in fuel readings How much are we looking at for repairs? Renault is quoting £99 just to diagnose. Thanks