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  1. Espace 2.2 dci mk3 fuel filter questions

    hi i have a mk3 espace 2.2 dci i recently serviced it and after the service all was well untill the drive home after 2 miles and leaving the motorway the car cut out on me and wouldt start again can get it to start on easystart but it wont idle at all and it pretty hard to get it started at...
  2. Clio I 1.9 diesel fuel leak under bonnet

    Evening all, I bought an L reg Clio diesel on New Years day. A tidy little motor, we've already put 2,500 on her with no fuss. I've been away from marginal motoring for a while and i was wondering when my first real problem would arrive... I've noticed a slight diesel smell at the front of...
  3. Renault Laguna Fuel Problem 1.9dci 2004

    Hi New to the forum I change the fuel filter on my laguna today was running a bit rough After changing it it ran for a couple of seconds then stopped I had a look at the fuel line and no fuel coming through Any ideas as to what may have caused it to stop pumping fuel through? Could it be...
  4. fule pump problems

    hope im on the write forum room here well my megane 1.6 had a new head put on and i didnt no there was a bear wire showing from the injector wires which touched the head and sparked i was told it was the ecu had blown so went and got one but now its not that have been told its a relay switch...
  5. fuel filter housing lag 1.9 dti

    Hi all been having starting problems with the lag since i got it over three years ago. there seems to be a problem with air in the fuel line with the priming bulb on it, i have noticed that when i run the engine then stop it the fuel does`nt stay in the pipe it goes back into the priming bulb, i...
  6. 2002 Espace 2.2Dci Fule Consumption

    Hi All, I really hope you could help. My espace is only getting about 18MPG. Even on a long run @ 70mph I only get 29mpg. This really can not be right can it ? I have cleaned the ERG this made no differance. Also I have noticed that sometime when the engine is cold it will cut out. And...