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  1. Electronics
    So I just installed new headlights for my car as the others were ruined. My side lights. Formal lights and indicators work fine. But I have no fullbeam for some reason. And I don't know where the relay is for them. I've looked under the glove box but they aren't there.
  2. Electronics
    Afternoon all, Really hoping that someone has some advice for me on this... The full-beam lights / flash function for my 52 plate Megane have not worked for more than a year. The garage got me through the MOT last year by playing with the wiring and getting the lights to 'flash' on. The...
  3. Electronics
    Hi everyone, I apologise if I am duplicating any topics but I have done several searches and could not find any topics about this. I own an 03-plate, Mk2 Clio Dynamique. My query is about flashing the full beam headlights - you know, as you do when you want to let somebody turn in front of...