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  1. gas pedal gone, funny dash light

    hello, i have another wonderful problem from this FRENCH (boo/hiss) car. the little light has appeared, i believe it is the "electric fault" light. the gas pedal stopped responding and the car wont move. i switched the engine off, walked back home and got my obd2 reader, got back to my car to...
  2. external temp gone funny scenic rx4

    Hi I noticed a few days ago that my external temp reading has stuck at 27 degrees it will go up but no less than 27. Does anyone know where the sensor is located please
  3. Here's a funny one...

    Laguna II 2.0 dci. My lovely Laguna was in the shop for some clutch/dmf type stuff, you know; the usual. Anyway, she came back with the radio locked of course. Took me a couple of days to get round to finding the code but, in the meantime, Lady Laguna had decided to intermittently forget to...
  4. Clio Mk2 (I Think) Pollen Filter location and Funny Blue Thing!

    Hi Guys I have got a new Clio that is in desperate need of some love and attention. First things first it needs a good service. Parts arrived this morning, but I cannot find the location of the pollen filter! Can anybody help. It is a 2005 model but have a feeling it is a Mk2 rather than 3...
  5. funny space saver motorbikin

    Wheels & tyres
    Its not a renault but Ill try n run thru this as quickly as I can :) I bought a car an audi tt mk1 ,comes with a space saver. The tyre was shredded. A replacement continental 125/70 r18 is available at about £52 sterling,in the renault forum discounted "tyretraders". Today I decided to search...
  6. OMG cruel but funny

    :d:d :devil:
  7. Funny Power Issue

    Hi there, I've had a Renault Scenic Fidji 2003 1.9dCi for about 4 years now. Its never ran all that well (as the engine management light would come on and the car would lose power) but recently after MOT and service it started to act quite strange. The power was completely gone and...
  8. Clio MK3 10 Funny clutch?

    Hello, Bought myself a 2010 Clio mk3 ph2 and I am unsure on the clutch. Car has done 40K by the way. The bite is very high (But was told this is normal in clios, Was in my other one). I can't seem to change gear without "Bunny hopping" down the road. Can drive my old 99 clio or works 12 PUG 207...
  9. start from cold

    i have a laguna iii 20L dci and when you start it up from cold when you press the button it feels like the car dosent want to start smoothly and you get a bit of smoke from the exhaust car is fine when worm is this fuel filter problem can any one help me:mad:
  10. Funny idle at startup

    When i start my car and its cold, its revs up to around 1500 then quickly drops to idle. However, when the car is warm, or its warm outside, the car rev sup to around 1500 then nice and gently comes down to idle. I have a problem with my car stalling (info found here...
  11. Funny noise after starting

    Hi all just recently after I start my van there is a noise hmmmming noise that happens when travelling at low speed and braking but when the engine has warmed up the noise disappears , does anyone know what could be causing this noise? Thanks Daryl
  12. Espace 1.9 td funny noise and loss of power.. Gearbox??

    Hello everyone. I hope you can help.:confused: My espace has been making a funny whining noise in 5th and 6th for about a month.. Today whilst in 2nd ,power started surging, then a clicking/ grating noise ( that's the only way I can describe it) almost like it slipped out of gear. I managed to...
  13. When climate control is on 'Auto', the engine makes a funny noise!

    Heating & cooling
    Hello to the 'cooling' section! Please see my thread here about an issue I was having with my car: Now, as you can see from my last post in that thread, it seems to be related to the climate control system. Any thoughts? Cheers.
  14. megane making funny noise when accelerating only when A/C is on

    Heating & cooling
    Hi All, only noticed this the other day and since I have noticed it it's really doing my head in. When pulling away from lights or in traffic etc whenever car is in 1st or 2nd and A/C is on its making a strange noise sounds kind of like a metal on metal noise, however switch the A/C off and its...
  15. renault megane window doing funny stuff (video)

    Hey my window is doing mad stuff, here is a video on youtube.... Also after you watch it would would the link after that fix the problem? Cheers guys. And...
  16. Clio stalling at junctions + funny idle

    Ive had a clio mk3 (56 plate, new shape) since august and had no problems with it, untill it started getting cold and it now stalls shortly after startup. Basically what happens is I start the car and it starts fine, pulls away fine, I then get up to about 30mph then approach a junction, start...
  17. Had a funny turn yesterday!

    General Chat
    The missus is getting a bit bored of the Scenic....most likely because she see's me driving the Scoob which she's not allowed to and the Scenic just doesn't have the grunt :rofl: Anyway, once we've paid the credit card off after our recent move I've sort of promised myself that I'd look into...
  18. scienic 1.9 2002 funny reving

    My renault wont rev very well, has no power, smell a bit funny, had new turbo fitted all done correctly, took injectors out and cleaned them cleaned the oil ways breathers etc. the diagnostics is showing a duff MAF there is power to the Maf but no reading of resistance from any of the terminals...
  19. Funny Hot Smell

    Interesting problem with the Omega. When driving, it produces a very hot smell, that is almost like burning oil. Can only smell it when stationary or parked. Have checked the following: Oil - no leaks and uses very little (0.25 litres in 6 weeks) - due to change this week when I get the sump...
  20. Lord Funny

    Hi there, just wondered if I'm unlucky, or uncovering one of Renaults dirty secrets! Brand new Laguna Sports Tourer 1.9 Dynamique in March 2009. During that time the engine management light has illuminated 9 or 10 times, seriously reducing power, and not being able to get over 2k revs. The...