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  1. Electronics
    Mk3 scenic 2009 petrol. Engine fuse box is black (not white inside) and looks exactly like the grand scenic buuuuut theres no fuse in slot 09 where the wiper fuse is on a grand scenic. So where on earth is it? Any help would be appreciated as I'm tearing my hair out and I don't have a lot left.
  2. Electronics
    Hello, I’m hoping someone may be able to help, I’ve search the community to see if there are any other thread but can’t seem to find the answer. When putting the key into the ignition the heater plug light doesn’t come on. Van will turn over and there is fuel in the line getting to the filter...
  3. Electronics
    Hello. i've looked everywhere i can online, and in the accompanying hard copy manual for my 1988 T1000 (camper van), but I cannot locate a diagram for the fusebox. The Legending for it is non-existent inside the vehicle. Please help! somebody must have an idea of what is what inside it!? In...
  4. Electronics
    Can anyone help... Air con compressor has no power at the connector. It was working so I'm inclined to think its a relay or fuse but can't find a diagram anywhere on google and don't have the handbook for the van. Its a 2001 ex minibus. Photos of under dash fuse box and the one under the bonnet...
  5. Heating & cooling
    Hi all first post on here, I’m looking for some help. This morning a engine malfunction warning came up on my dashboard and also the emissions light, since then I’ve worked out that the engine fan isn’t coming on. I’ve looked at the interior fuse box but can not locate the fuse the engine fuse...
  6. Electronics
    hi I wondering if anyone can help . I've got a megane mk3 and the check auto light has come on and all my interior lights have stopped working . I dont think its a bulb as all of them have stopped right ? I've not changed any bulbs that leads me to believe ots a fuse however after checking the...
  7. Other models
    Hi, I went to change a bulb in the rear of my van but a wire touched the van side and blew something. It's knocked out my interior lights, clock and radio. I've changed the fuse under the driver side fuse box but it hasn't blown. Is there another fuse box somewhere else or a relay somewhere? I...
  8. Electronics
    Hi guys, I have a 2007 Clio MK3, and both bulbs in the heater do not work. I have replaced them, but no matter what I do they simply do not work, all the other lighting in the interior does work. I was wondering if there happens to be a separate fuse for these bulbs? Thanks
  9. Electronics
    Hi The driver side window (right hand drive) has stopped working. Initially, the window would sometimes open after continuously tapping up and down on the switch, but now does not open at all. Car Details & Current Electrical State of Vehicle: Renault Clio MK3 2006 RHD 1.5dci 68hp. Battery...
  10. Electronics
    Hi hope someone can help, I have a renault super 5 campus prima but I can't find the fuel pump fuse/relay :crying2:
  11. Electronics
    Hello, I have a 2008 Renault Laguna 1.5 Dci estate. I was not sure if to post this thread under electrical or heating and cooling anyway my question. Is there a diagram available showing exactly what the fuses / relays are used for in the engine bay fuse box. The glove box fuse box is very...
  12. Electronics
    Hi. Does anyone know what these fuses and relays actually control as I can't find anything on them. Also do they have anything to do with cruise control? Also, I have two plugs attached to the expansion tank and I have no idea what they are for. Pictures attached.
  13. Electronics
    Hi all, newbie here! So, I just got a 2003 Megane and working my way through the laundry list of problems with it. Beyond the central locking fob not working (which I think I know how to get fixed), my main bugbear is the radio. It just will not turn off, even with no ignition and the power...
  14. Electronics
    Hi does anyone know which fuses are which under the steering wheel?
  15. Electronics
    Hi peeps, I have just bought a 2006 Scenic.I has a strange issue with the radio. I can turn it on and it plays for 20 minutes. After that it beeps and turns off. I am able to immediately turn it back on so I don't believe it is needing a code (as I understand it that happens immediately and...
  16. Electronics
    Hi! I have this problem with my renault trafic 2003 1,9DCI 74kw. Burns 30amp fuse when starting the engine, and does it when engine is warm (fuse is showed on picture pointed with red wire). When engine cools completely, then I replace new fuse and starts normally and I can drive ok untill I...
  17. Heating & cooling
    Scenic 2007. my heater blower keeps blowing,origonaly speeds 1,2,3,didnt work only No 4 then something burnt out and the fuse went,put new fuse in ,on speed 4 only fuse went again . so changed resistor speed module. new fuse ,turned it on speed 3,module started to smoke ,turned it off ,then on...
  18. Ask the Experts
    Hey folks, Trying to figure out which fuse runs the lights behind the instruments on my Modus(55 plate). All the lights on the Speedo work fine but the lights behind the heater controls are dead. Any clues? Fine during the day but becoming a slight hindrance at night! Cheers all
  19. Engines
    Fuses beneath the engine multiplex module- which fuse covers what circuit, many thanks Edward
  20. Electronics
    hi . does anyone know which fuse controls power to the dash display and the key receiver on a 2006 grand scenic . Also , what are the fuses on the battery terminal for ? Thank you
1-20 of 500 Results