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  1. Laguna III Engine Bay Fuses - what are they for?

    Hi All, I have a 2008 Laguna 1.5 Dci estate Does anyone know what each of the fuses are / have a layout - for the fuses in the engine bay fuse box - photo attached
  2. Renault Scenic III fuses

    If any of you, like me, have a Scenic 3 with a fusebox that bears no resemblance whatsoever to the driver's manual, I have done my best to fill in a few unknowns. The photos below show the fuses in the driver compartment (my car is a LHD automatic - this might have other minor implications). I...
  3. 2012 Scenic 3 Estate Glove Box Fuses

    Hi, I'm looking for a list of which fuses do what in the glove box as I'm looking to use one in conjunction with a dash cam but there's no fuse layout on the removable fuse flap and the one in the owners manual bears no resemblance to mine. The picture attached is a photo I took of mine Mines...
  4. Fusebox in Clio mk4

    wife has just got a 2016 1.2l 16v Clio mk4 and I have found the fusebox in the glove compartment , but the diagram (to me) in the owners manual doesnt look like it matches up with the fusebox. whats more I have tried google for a diagram and they dont seem to match up as well (the diagram with...
  5. Scenic Fuses

    Can anyone tell me where the fuse is for the rear fog light on a Scenic Mk3 please?
  6. kangoo light fuses

    After discovering a tail light out I changed the bulb to no effect, Checking the fusebox, it seems that the vehicle lights are not fused through this box. The handbook suggests there is another fusebox located in the engine bay, but doesn't say where. I may be an expert with clutches but I'm a...
  7. Blade fuses keep blowing

    Renault Mégane 1.5dci 10 plate. The cigarette lighter sockets seem to blow the fuse quite regularly. Am I right in thinking that they are 20 amp 'mini'? I am using the same items (FM transmitter and a air compressor), and they work for about 6 months then the fuse will blow. Any reason for...
  8. Fuses

    Hi, I have searched the forums, and despite finding posts about the same issue, I cannot find the answer I am looking for. I have also contacted Renault directly and they were unable to help (well they gave me an answer eventually, but it was wrong). I have an issue with the cigarette lighter...
  9. Grand Scenic iv 2017 Fuses fog, rear wipe TPMS

    Hi after using an old trailer, noticed that the fog lights, rear wash wipe and TPMS have stopped working, ive checked all the fuses that are accessible in the passenger glove box, but none are blown. the handbook or the fusebox do not have a schedule or key. I contacted Renault who have supplied...
  10. Fuses !

    Megane mkIII Can anyone point me to the location of the 6 large fuses hidden away somewhere in my engine compartment I'm aware of the UCH ones. ?
  11. Megane 3 interior fuse box (RHD)

    I notice somebody else asked this question, back in 2015 I think, but an answer wasn't forthcoming at the time so I thought I'd ask again. I've just bought a Megane Dynamique Sports Tourer 1.5dci TomTom Energy (and pause for breath!) on a 64 plate - 2014. I've searched high and low :nerd: for...
  12. Scenic III 2015 Fuses

    I have recently purchased a Scenic 2015 1.5dci Limited. I want to install a dash cam & hard-wire it to the internal fuses. I am unable to find any documentation to:- 1. A description & position of each fuse. 2. What fuse would be best to use for Dash cam connection. I have a Nextbase dash cam...
  13. Laying Modus Up for 2 Months -- Remove Interior Fuses?

    I'm going away for 2 months. Modus 1.5 dCi (2009) will be off-road on a decent council estate and under a polyester cover. In order to minimise battery leakage and provide some security, I was considering removing the plastic fuses in the glove box. I understand there's another fuse box...
  14. Scenic MkII Electronic Climate Control

    p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; } Hi I see there are many post on the blower issue about. We have this Scenic 2004 II 1.6 Petrol VVT which seems to give us a steady supply of problems and I am getting to the end of my patience. (Sometime ago I bought the H manual and a CD on the...
  15. Fuses electonic handbrake laguna II

    Hi, My Laguna II 2005 has a electronic handbrake and it doesn't work. I tested the unit last week under a Senic and it worked. Where can I find the fuses of the handbrake unit. Are there other causes known for this disfunctioning? thanks in advance
  16. Megane 3 1.4 tce fuses

    Hi peeps, could anyone of you nice people point me to where the fuse is for the a/c please? My battery died the other day so fitted a new one and now a/c doesnt turn on/off, thanks ;)
  17. Fan Motor and fuses.

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    I have recently bought a 1988 Renault Trafic campervan (1721). It was running lovely and then the cooling fan packed up causing it to get very hot, very quickly every time I encounter a traffic jam (living in Winchester, this is on a daily basis). I cannot seem to find the fault with it and now...
  18. Scenic 2 fuses in glove box

    Hi anybody who can help. Previously had a Clio with fuse box hard to reach but now got Scenic 2 04 Expression and is worse, right at back of glove box. Need to change cigar lighter fuse, seen there is a screw at each top corner of glove box, if I took these out would the glovebox come out and...
  19. Steering fuses

    Can anyone tell me what number the fuse position is on a 54 megane , are they under the bonnet or next to the glove compartment?
  20. Engine Compartment fuses. Laguna ll

    Hi All I have a Laguna ll phase ll 1.9 dCi F9Q 674. Engine keeps cutting out while driving with a red "Check Oil Pressure" warning light. Turns out this is because it keeps blowing fuse 3 in the engine compartment (green 30a fuse). Can anyone tell me what this fuse is and any ideas as to the...