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  1. How to change your garage ?

    General Chat
    Could someone tell me how to chnage my garage details. Since i managed to do this once the site chnaged, i seem to be a diamond and there is no option to chnage garage ? How do you do it i want to remove and chnage things ?
  2. when a garage cant even find whats wrong...

    Hiya, Took my 2010 Megane imusic in for an interim service today and a diagnostic because the engine management light had been flashing and the 'check anti pollution system' message was on the dashboard. The car has also been making a high pitch clicking/whirring when turning left and right so...
  3. Garage repair

    General Chat
    I had repairs last Monday, however , the garage forgot to tighten the nuts up on my wheel, the wheel come flying off while driving , is the garage liable for this, for the damage caused?. As its damaged my macpherson strut and upper ball joint.
  4. Scenic II hard to select gear, garage want £575 to fix

    Hi all. Got a bit of a problem with the Scenic at the moment. Only bought the car a couple of weeks ago, but drove fine until a day or two ago. The thing crunches when trying to get into reverse, and is hard to get into any gear. You have the ram it into first, but once underway it seems to ease...
  5. Garage revival 1st episode..

  6. Garage snapped my nipple. Advice needed please *Fixed**

    Hi guys, My megane went in for repairs post MOT. It just needed drop link and front driver side brake pipe. The work was carried out however, when the mechanic went to bleed the brakes, the bleed nipple crumpled away apparently. So, they called me up, told me what happened and said I will...
  7. A garage has told my elderly mother that her flywheel has worn out on her 30k Kangoo

    Hi, My 83 year old mother has had some starting problems on her Renault Kangoo. The problem is that sometimes the starting motor spins (just makes a spinning noise) without engaging. I drive the car sometimes to go shopping and the worst I experiences was that it took me about 5 minutes of...
  8. Which garage?

    General Chat
    I am looking for a quote, in the Leeds/Wakefield area, is there a forum page for this? The work is a timing belt and dephaser pulley on a Renault Megane 2006. I have been quoted £120, but he is now off work due to illness. There is a Renault garage in Stourton, Leeds? Queens Service Station I...
  9. Need a good garage in Newcastle UK

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi I ve never used a forum before so not sure how to post or respond to posts but here goes. I joined because I love my 2002 kangoo and need to find a garage in or near Newcastle upon Tyne in the U.K. Where it can get a decent device. I ve had it for 3 years and think it s misunderstood by the...
  10. Has garage messed up cam belt change?

    Hello, first post here and it's yet another cam belt related question! Took my 1.6 vvt Scenic to a local independent with a good reputation for a service and cam belt change today. I got a lift from a work colleague to collect it and arrived slightly early. Witnessed the car returning from a...
  11. Are your Garage details entered and up to date !

    General Chat
    Hi everybody ! Can you please check you have entered the 'In My Garage' section of the membership/dashboard & also that details are up to date. In the last few days we have had several OP's with blank info & others showing details of vehicles past. A lot of members here go to a lot of...
  12. Found These in my Garage......

    General Chat
    Worth anything ? Just the metal Value ? Museum Exhibit ??? No piccy's on't net. Someone must be old enough to remember them :frown2:
  13. Seanies Garage

    My mottah!
    Thought Ide through a small thread about the few cars I have.. 98 Clio for a runabout. Cheap little run around taxed and tested happy out.
  14. Garage lighting with no electric?

    Tools & equipment
    Hi again all, I have finally acquired a garage. But it had no electric or water. I have been looking at getting a used solar panel, a load of car batteries and connecting the car batteries to a couple of flourescent tubes on the ceilng and a couple of led floodlights for working with. I...
  15. in my garage

    General Chat
    ive updated my profile to include my motorcycle its a royal enfield thunderbird 350 it was imported from india in 2004 it lay unused for 11 years when the collector died it was sold ,it was registered with the dvla in 2015 and moted with 33 miles on the clock
  16. 10 vists to garage exhaust still hanging off

    hi guys a quick question for advice on my next step. ive managed to select a company who fabricate stainless exhausts and fit them, the two garages around edinburgh area between them have failed to sort their poor workmanship out and ive just had enough of it. they are not members of any...
  17. grand scenic 2008 crunch over speed bumps & garage stumped??

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi as per the title. Yet Another fault the grand scenic has developed within just a week of owning it is that it has started crunching when going over speedbumps (the ones that span the full width of the road, not the little ones) I've just got it back from the garage that I use, & the owner...
  18. 2002 Scenic Fidji garage from HELL!

    Hi, I have used this garage once before and the service was good and close to my home. A few months prior the car would jolt sometimes when I pressed the accelerator. Then early December the car broke down. I felt something snap and the car would not move. In the end the breakdown truck came etc...
  19. scenic3 big garage bill ????

    General Chat
    Hi there been having loads of problems with my 10 reg grand scenic3 dci expecting it back from the garage after new year just wondering if you want to guess how much it's gonna cost.....I'll give you a list of what's happened 1.oil light came on in car park looked underneath all oil had come...
  20. Concrete Garage Condensation

    General Chat
    Back in August, I had an 18' x 14' Sectional Garage erected. Once October arrived & temperatures dropped, inside became like a rain forest. Soggy boxes, mould growing, tools rusting, etc. Seems the stuff stored, holds daytime heat & once the tin roof gets colder, MEGA Condensation occurs. At...