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  1. Scenic II (Service/P) SE1 London Garages

    Got the horrid service light and P come up after a battery change . Wondering if anyone knows of any garages in SE1 Bermondsey or near by that has the clip able to reset it asked a few with no luck Chris
  2. Recommended garages for car service - Mk 4 Clio 1.5 DCI

    Cars & motoring
    Hello, I have a 2015 Clio with around 10,800 miles. I've booked it in for a service at the dealer for the 30th September and by then it would have close to 11,500 to 12k miles. They had advised me that the 1st service only consists of a cabin filter change!! and that they will only look at the...
  3. Cambelt change - Recommedation for garages in South Wales? - New member!

    Hey everyone, I am the new to this forum and am in process of buying a renault megane cc tomorrow. Unfortunately after doing research on this forum, it seems the cambelt should have been changed by now. Therefore thinking its properly best to get it done next week if possible, I have got a...
  4. Why do garages charge so much for diagnostics??

    Tools & equipment
    I took my car to my local garage recently for diagnostics. They charged me £30 - they claim the £30 part covers the expensive cost of the diagnostic equipment they use - seems fair enough. People on here talk about all kinds of different diagnostics setups ranging in price. From what i've been...
  5. Coupe low grinding sound from steering rack area

    Wheels & tyres
    I drive (well, 'operate') a 2002 Megane Coupe 'Privilege'. Ahem. My Meganitis has been flaring up badly recently. Not least due to a problem I paid £380 to have 'fixed' but which remains. The problem: After a drive of at least 40 minutes when the car is nice and warmed up, any slight bump...
  6. 50p Car Wash at selected BP Garages

    Special offers
    Purchase any Car Wash for only 50p at selected BP petrol stations (appears to be mainly in the south of the UK). Log into , select your nearest location and check out the offers. There is a 5p off per ltr when you purchase various items.
  7. Warranties and garages in Northampton/Wellingborough area

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all, I have just purchased a 53 plate Grand Espace 3.0 dci, 98k miles with sporadic service history. I am looking at the various warranties that are available and wondered if any members had any recommendations or experiences they would like to share. Looking at the some of the repairs...
  8. Reduculous Answers From Garages!

    General Chat
    My friend rang the garage the other day to ask about changing her air filter, the garage told her £45 because they got to take the wipers off to access the engine lol, bloody cow boy:devil: wish she asked me first!
  9. Quotation quotation don't we just hate garages pricing things up

    General Chat
    Hi all, I recently just had my car renault clio dci 1.5 53 plate diagnosed, and need new glow, and new injector, Renault has quoted me 896£ And a French car specialist has quoted 392.80£ fully fitted 99.80 for glow plugs fully fitted 292 for one injector fully fitted (if injector comes out...
  10. North East England - recommended garages?

    Hi guys, I'm after any recommendations for garages up here - within a reasonable radius of postcode area TS28 - to give my Coupe a little TLC... Any responses very much appreciated! :)
  11. Decent midlands turbo diagnostic/fix garages and realistic cost?

    OK, facing up to the idea that my turbo needs some attention and it'll probably cost me time and money. However I wasn't quite expecting the quote I got for the work from the first, fairly convenient place I tried (I'd have to get a bus home and then back, but only about 40 minutes including...
  12. Garages in Bedford

    Has anyone used the following garages in Bedford: William Rutter, Bedford European Car Centre Shuttleworth Road Just wondering any feedback on jobs done, like timing belt. I'm trying to decide what garage to use in and around Bedford / Milton Keynes. Following quotes I have for Timing Belt...
  13. recommended garages in dundee area for renault

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, i have a few problems with my laguna 2002 dci, abs light on, battery light on not charging, does anyone know of a good reasonable priced garage or mechanic in dundee area to help
  14. recommended garages??

    hi, the scenic II of my wife is due for cambelt replacement... anybody know any trustworthy garages in the port talbot/bridgend/swansea area??? i would prefer to go to garages you guys would recommend... also, can i change the cambelt without changing oil??? i'm about to change the oil...
  15. 3 garages sent me home with my problem

    I have a problem with my Trafic van and it seems impossible to find out what the reason is. Symptoms: 500 rpm in idle after start, when driving time to time stays in 700 rpm. Time to time the van is going like a rocket, time to time hard to move without cutting off engine, time to time engine...
  16. Beware the MOT, a story of 4 garages

    Cars & motoring
    I've just got my 1996 Espace MKII through the MOT but it could have gone very wrong. As usual I left the MOT to the last minute and popped down my local garage in NW10 for the MOT, unfortunately the car failed on the steering rack and ties and was deemed dangerous (this was written on the...
  17. renault indy garages in northwood,middx

    Cars & motoring
    Hello I'm a newbie can anyone please recommend a garage in the vicinity of northwood, middx. I'm hopefully buying a mkII Laguna. TY
  18. THree garages haven t solved the problem HELP !!!!

    I have a 1998 laguna diesel estate.For every 10 times I go to start the car it wont start. It has been to three different garages . It is not the battery.When this problem began it needed a lot of towing to get it to start now a small push and it works . Last week i drove for an hour parked just...
  19. Trusted garages in blackburn,lancs ?

    General Chat
    Apologies if this is posted in the wrong section and for being rather random lol I wanted to know if any forum users could recommend any garages in blackburn lancashire ? ive had a rather chequered past with garages and to be honest i dont trust ANY of them But i need my scenic to be...
  20. Know any independent garages for a service???

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, I'm looking to have my car serviced however I want to go to a good independent garage... Any suggestions??? I live in Harlow Essex so anywhere that neck of the woods would be great.... however I know most of North London too! :o