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  1. Santas Garden Xmas Lights 2014

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    A few phots of this years Santas Garden Xmas Lights we have had a good crowd in visiting again and look on target to raise another £500 for The Midlands Air Ambulance.check out the website and video at
  2. Drones over my back garden

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    A neighbour of mine two doors up has over the past week or so taken to flying a radio controlled min-drone complete with mini-TV camera over nearby back gardens. There have been at least four such incidents to date. Last Saturday my wife was out the back hanging out the washing when it stopped...
  3. Santas Garden Xmas Lights video tour 2013.

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    Santas Garden Xmas Lights Video Tour for all of you who cant make it to see our xmas lights.. web address check out the web address to see the video and 2013 pictures. We close down for this year on 2nd January but the web site is always open.. HAPPY NEW YEAR...
  4. Santas Garden Xmas lights 2013..

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    Here are the Pic's of this years lights....:d:d
  5. Santas Garden Xmas Lights 2012

    Well guys and gals the 2012 Santas garden xmas lights are up and running for another year,we have a new web site if you wish to take a look,leave a comment or leave a donation to The Midlands Air Ambulance....web xmas and happy viewing..:d:d:d
  6. Santa's Garden Xmas lights.

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    Sorry we are late guys and gals but we got there in the end...web site is this will direct you to the new web site with more pic's ..cheers EX.
  7. Santa's Garden Xmas Lights

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    We are up and running again for another year,switched on at 6pm. opening nite....SHOULDNT HAVE OPENED THAT BOTTLE!!!!!:) :)
  8. The "BIG" Garden project...

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    Some of you may remember me mentioning my big garden project for the summer. Well I'm on a week off and am ready to go go go with it :d Except of course the weather is bloomin awful today (excuse! :d) Started yesterday round back clearing some overgrown grass and trimming the hedges. Got one...
  9. Garden Pics 2008

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    Snowdrops are nice and sharp just now My first daffs to flower " Tate a Tate "
  10. Cats in my garden problem

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    I'm having problems with cats in my garden. It was not a big problem when I had the Boy's ( Dogs ) but recently it has got really bad. Any advice/hints on how to stop them coming into the garden ?
  11. Santa's Garden Lights

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    Hi all the web site for Santa's Garden Lights is now up and running.see it at some of the site still under construction,and as of yet you will be veiwing last years pictures untill switch on on Saturday evening.hope you enjoy the show.:)
  12. Over the Garden Wall

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    One minute it's there...
  13. continueing with the garden theme!!

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    allsorts017.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting First time my palm has flowered since i put it in six years ago!!