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  1. Renault Trafic Rimini 12v socket

    Campervan Chat
    Hey everyone - I have just purchased a 1998 Trafic Rimini Camper - and loving it - couple of quick questions - (I bet there will be a few more to come)... Please can you advise me what plugs into the 12v socket on the Zig Rig? - see pic :) Its smaller than a regular 12v socket so didn't know if...
  2. Trafic- turbo leaking gas into intercooler

    General Chat
    Hi, hopefully someone can provide a little insight. I started my trafic 2.0 dci van with the intercooler removed and noticed that the air blown into the intercooler is noticeably smokey from exhaust gas. I am assuming the air is blown into intercooler by the turbo and probably the exhaust gas...
  3. Dpf blocked exaust gas pressure error codes

    General Chat
    I have been having issues over the past few months with error codes STOP ENGINE FAILURE (BIG RED) etc Gas pressure sensor error codes Now fixed after checking all pipes and sensors readings all being ok. First issue thermostat not working correctly needs to get to 90 deg half way on clock. Next...
  4. gas pedal gone, funny dash light

    hello, i have another wonderful problem from this FRENCH (boo/hiss) car. the little light has appeared, i believe it is the "electric fault" light. the gas pedal stopped responding and the car wont move. i switched the engine off, walked back home and got my obd2 reader, got back to my car to...
  5. Gas drop out vent

    I am converting an ex Yorkshire Water 2010 Vivaro and want to lift the fitted rear floor to clean and insulate below, however there is a gas drop out vent on either side that is connected to an open pipe that comes out under the van. I get the floor up about 30mm and then it jams - has...
  6. noise from gas pedal, whinning

    hello, recently i have been having an intermittent problem with my gas pedal. as i start to press it it makes a whinning noise, press some more and it goes away, start to release and it whines again. then when i take my foot off the pedal it whines a little. its as though there is a point that...
  7. Clio 05 16V Gas throttle problem

    Hi Guys! I have an old Clio 16V from 2005 and now i have a little problem. My OBD scanner says: P0638 Throttle Actuator Control Range/Performance B1 But that is so much stuff that can be wrong, so i want to narrow it down a bit. My car is idling at att 500 rpm, and is on the verge of dying...
  8. Megane 3 jammed gas pedal

    Hey guys,i wonder if this happened to other megane 3 users (1.5diesel model 2012) or it's just me,i was driving this afternoon going to supermarket,have'nt used my car for 10 days but this problem has happened in the past so many times already,my gas pedal jammed for 3 times while driving to...
  9. Gas Pedal Feedback < 20 MPH - Clicking Noise

    Cars & motoring
    Hey Guys, I'm new to this forum, and have tried to search and read different FAQ´s before writing this post - sorry if i missed something. I'm having issues with a Renault Clio 0.9 TCe 2016, that makes a slight clicking noise - Gas pedal Feedback at around 2000-2500 RPM and 2-3 gear. I have...
  10. vibration on gas pedal...

    Hi guys, I have a vibration on gas pedal on my car. In moving, when I push gas pedal, the vibration felt on that, but when car is stop and not moving(in D or N or P), there is not any vibration on that, and vibration will be when push pedal on moving the car... this vibration there is in...
  11. Smart Meters - Electric / Gas

    General Chat
    Just watched the 'Tonight' programme about smart meter roll out, in the programme they interviewed a British Gas fitter who advised if you get approached to have these meters fitted, to say "try me again in about a year" there are a lot of bugs in the system & the meters are not 'free' as they...
  12. Car struggles to start in the cold without using gas pedal!

    Hi All, I have a Clio Mk2 2003 and it struggles to start in the cold weather without me pushing down a bit on the accelerator pedal. Once started it runs fine and idles like normal, and once warm and turned off will then restart fine. Battery is good and the crank sensor was not long replaced...
  13. Air conditioning losing gas

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all, I've got what I assume to be a slow leak in the aircon system on my Megane Mk II. I take it to the garage, they discover it's low on gas, pressure test it and say there are no leaks detected, and so re-gas it. Over the next 6-8 weeks the aircon works but with steadily decreasing...
  14. Vibration through gas pedal on my Koleos

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi guys. I have a new problem on this car. It starts at around 115-118km/h. I get a vibration on the car, also felt directly on the gas pedal. I have googled the problem and it seems to be most likely the balance shaft belt. Can this be the cause? Can someone please give me a picture of where...
  15. Exhaust gas pressure sensor wors

    Hi Can anybody tell me if the 1.5 diesel and 1.9 diesel are interchangeable? Or another manufacturer available? .. Mines a 2005 1.9 diesel megane convertible. Thanks
  16. gas fuel gauge

    Hello, I have a megane hatch 3. the problem is with the bars.i have taken the car for a computer diagnostic and all seem good. The problem is that my car stucks at the second bar on the fuel display and the second bar turn off only when the light for the gas turn on. Normally the second bar off...
  17. P0487 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Throttle Position Control Circuit

    Hi, I own a 1.9 dci Megane 2 (2005). Recently my engine and service light came on, I've got 'no messages to display on the dash' and the car runs absolutely fine. I've replaced the EGR valve, however my problem persists. I can clear off the fault, start up the car drive it, stop it, start...
  18. Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor P0545

    Hi All I currently have a Scenic 3 1.5 dci 2010. Runs lovely, starts ok seems to run perfect. Last week I has the dreaded check injection system come up. So plugged the car into some obd software and it is showing EGT Sensor (p0545). Does anyone know how to get to this? I have parted...
  19. Exhaust gas control

    What does this mean as light is on. What do I start to look at. Have a Renault Megane cabriolet 2001
  20. Gas struts

    Hi all as anyone got some gas struts for sale for a megane 2005 convertible and if so how much. Thank you gazer.