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  1. Espace & Vel Satis 3.0 dci Head Gasket issue - (P9X) opinions on solutions

    I'm looking for peoples views on the ongoing success rate of changing the gasket alone or whether other problems were found & resolved at the same time - perhaps head warping? If other problems were found, what problems were found? I too have finally fallen victim what I believe is the head...
  2. Renault19 Head Gasket Oil Leak

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi All, My 1989 Renault 19 TSE 1390cc has just failed it’s MOT, primarily due to an oil leak from the head gasket and another from the gear box. The head gasket leak has been there for some time but apparently this year a new item has been added to the test for environmental /pollution reasons...
  3. head gasket or water pump?

    Heating & cooling
    Hi there I have a 56 renault grand scenic, had her 5yrs no real issues, overheated 5 days ago got home checked fluids- empty expansion tank- refilled, started following morning bubbling sounds from behind dash, stopped within 30secs, car drove fine no smoke no contaminated oil. checked water...
  4. Renault clio 2005 sump gasket ?.

    Hi guy gonna change the sump on my 55plate 1.2 clio i have purchased a sump offline however i cant seem to find a gasket for it... when i rang euro parts they said this clio does not have a gasket you only use gasket paste is this correct ??
  5. 2011KangooSport86 Engine Swap Head gasket

    General Chat
    Hi At 115k have head gasket failure on 2011 kangoo sportvan 86 bhp Renault customer services have provided this info K9kdý199540 802 (k9k802) Gearbox a175667à What alternatives do i have? it seems k9k K9K 728 / 766 / 772 / 796 / 802 / 830 aee all similar .can i upgrade to a 100 bhp...
  6. Renault Master sump gasket

    Hi , I need to remove the sump because the plastic dipstick broke off in the dipstick tube and has fallen into the sump.
  7. Vel Satis 3.5 V6 Head gasket or worse?

    Hi there forum! I need to give some context before telling what issue is about. Renault Vel Satis 3.5 was my dream car for a long time. It was also one ofmy best friends dream car aswell. And know I was in a situation when I could really aford it not that is expensive but to gift myself for...
  8. t1000 oil breather pcv gasket

    t1000 2.1d oil breather pcv gasket oil seperator does any body know part number and what is it called
  9. Head Gasket on Trafic 2.0 dci

    Heating & cooling
    Everything seemed fine on the test drive! A week or so after buying the van I noticed the heaters were no longer blowing hot or even warm air and I noticed a hot coolant smell in the cab. After a quick look under the bonnet and no neon arrow pointing to anything obvious I took it to my local and...
  10. Help with replacing manifold gasket Renault Trafic camper mk1 1.7

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hello folks, just looking for a bit of guidance on how to replace the manifold gasket on my 1991 Renault Trafic mk1 1.7 camper, when she is started can see some fumes coming out by the manifold gasket area, so take it the gasket probably needs changing, it seems quite difficult to access it due...
  11. Mk1 Trafic 1.7 Head gasket questions

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi, In the process off removing my exhaust manifold for a weld repair, I have discovered that i have a coolant leak from my head gasket, I have a replacement gasket on it's way, my questions are: When removing the cylinder head, is it necessary to remove the distributor, fuel pump etc or can...
  12. Clio throttle body gasket

    Hi everyone! I have a minor problem finding new gasket(s) for my throttle body. I have a rare version of 2001 Clio 1.2 8v with electronic throttle body. Does anybody know where can I find gaskets for this? I linked two pictures below. The gasket I'm looking for is the one between the inlet...
  13. Oil gasket leak were drive shaft enters gearbox

    Hi! I am new in this forum. Last year I got a Laguna 2 2001 1.6 with manual gearbox. I like the car and the smooth ride! I am living in Norway, so I have a the steeringwheel on the left side. Yesterday I smelled burned oil after driving. And when I jacked up the car and looked under it, it...
  14. Alleged Head Gasket Blown, But no Smoke?

    Hi there, I recently took my Renault Clio to a garage for a quick check up, he has come back to me and said that the Head Gasket has blown and there is oil leaking into my cylinders, and it is unsafe to drive as it could seize up at any given moment. He has quoted me £750 for the work which...
  15. Thermostat housing gasket on clio mk2 same for metal or plastic??

    Hi I'm net to the forum and only really joined to try find answer to my question as Renault them self's couldn't tell me. so my Clio mk2 1.6 16v thermostat housing has failed I'm leaking oil and oil and water is mixing. right I thought whilst I'm fixing it might as well upgrade to the metal...
  16. F3R valve cover gasket tightening torque ?

    Hello, My valve cover gasket was old and it was like stone than gasket. It's leaking oil and i bought Victor Reinz brand which i think it's a good quality brand. I replaced gasket and it's still leaking. Not like before but gasket is wet with oil. I don't have repair manual so please can you...
  17. Renault Trafic DCi Head Gasket Blown

    Hello all, I am new on here. I have the opportunity to buy a 56 plate Traffic for a very reasonable price...Problem is, the current owner hit a pigeon, which damaged a radiator hose and cause the head gasket to blow. I have tried a lot of Googleing and can't find much information about the...
  18. Megane 1.6 16v checks before starting after a head gasket change

    hi guys, i just really need to find out what exactly needs to be checked before i proceed to start the car , after i have replaced head gasket.
  19. gasket set

    I am trying to get the right gasket set plus bolts for the kangoo 2003 16V Kar 1.2L petrol. The number chisseled on to the engine is 871953. Any suggestions as to which type I would need to order? Head Gasket SET Bolts Renault Clio Kangoo Twingo 1 2 8V 2001 06 D7F Diet | eBay or Clio 2 Kangoo...
  20. Suspect head gasket gone?????

    Hi My partners car been a pain. . Oil all over engine when tick over for lpng time and rev no sign any leaks. Must be when driving and when load on engine Still cant be sure where coming from tbh. Never had head gasket go in any my cars so new area. Added photos to see if looks like it. No...