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  1. Engines
    Hi Guys, I've checked, rechecked and checked again. The white timing lines on the belt are 2 teeth out when I have the camshaft sprocket and crank sprockets lined up correctly with their timing marks. Any thoughts? I've just replaced the head gasket and all 8 valves due to a belt failure and...
  2. Engines
    I need to change my timing belt again and Im not sure which kit to order. The first two times I changed it I used Gates powergrip kit K015578XS but the wrong crankshaft bolt (M12) was in with it. Looking online the kit that should be used is K025578XS can anyone confirm that this Gates kit has...
  3. Engines
    Just wondering if anyone has used one of these. We have borrowed one to check cambelt tension, but following the instructions is not helping. Asks you to enter the belts code and presss return which should allow you to place the sensor near the belt and check tension but just gives a row of...
  4. Engines
    Hi there, Can anyone tell me what the part number is for a Gates Timing Belt Kit for a 2002 Renault Clio 1.5 dCi 8v please? Have tried searching the Gates automotive catalogue online but it says no products available. Just trying to find the cheapest supplier as my local shop wants £72 for...
1-4 of 6 Results