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  1. Renault Clio mk2 2003 fuel gauge problem

    Cars & motoring
    Ok so I don't think my fuel sensor is ready right. I fill the tank up full and the drive maybe 10 miles and I use a gallon. Or if I have half a tank and put In theory I should put in 3 gallons it should be full but the car doesn't allow me to put in 3 and then says it's completely full. Im...
  2. Fuel gauge & speedometer rimini autosleeper

    Hi all First time posting! My 1990 Rimini autosleeper has been in the garage for a few weeks, failed the MOT on a couple of minor things but needed a new gearbox so has had a fair bit of work. I've just driven her for the first time, the fuel gauge and speedometer are both not working, could...
  3. Clio 2012 fuel gauge flicks up and down

    Hi The fuel gauge seems to go up and down every now and again. It is usually when the tank is full but less frequently when empty. But at other times can give abrupt change in fuel readings How much are we looking at for repairs? Renault is quoting £99 just to diagnose. Thanks
  4. Megane R26 Fuel gauge

    We have just got a Megane F1 R26 which has an issue with the fuel gauge. car was on 1/4 of a tank when we bought it, filled it the brim at garage on way home, 30 quid (thought something was odd here straight away) we drove about 60 miles home and gauge didn't move.. I took it to work the next...
  5. Renault master blinking fuel gauge

    Hi i have a 2004 Renault master that has developed a flashing fuel gauge and warning light stays on event though i have put fuel in i have tried disconnecting battery for an hour made no change tried putting into hidden mode where you press button and turn ignition on no change i hear i can be a...
  6. Boost Gauge on Clio II dCi

    So I got myself a boost gauge for my Clio, and was wondering from where can I put in a T-piece so I can run some vacuum hose for the gauge. Could anyone shed some light on where I can do this please?
  7. Help please! - Mk4 Clio fuel gauge issue

    I've just purchased a 3 year old Clio Mk4 Dci. I seem to be having issues with the fuel gauge, its happened twice now. Last week when its nearing empty or just down in the orange section I've put £10 of fuel in and the gauge would rise to just under the half a tank but today I've put the same...
  8. Mégane 3 1.5dci coolant gauge low

    Heating & cooling
    Hi everyone thanks for taking the time to look and help. I recently purchased the vehicle and the coolant gauge doesn't move off the first bar and start to reach the middle of the gauge. I disconnected the temperature sensor and the gauge finally moved to the middle after 30 minutes of...
  9. Fuel Gauge Stuck On Full

    Ask the Experts
    Hi I have just bought a Renault Clio Diesel Eco 2015 1 month ago and last week I filled the fuel tank right to the top, and it clicked a few times until the pump wouldn't let me put anymore fuel in.SInce that date I would say I have done approx 100 miles and the fuel gauge hasn't moved. Will...
  10. flashing fuel gauge

    renault trafic 2.5 quickshift....Please could someone help me or give me advise? went through a deep puddle bent the fuel feed corrected that problem now all the bars on the fuel gauge are flashing,plenty of diesel in the tank,and i have changed the sender unit and checked for a broken wire,the...
  11. Fuel gauge wrong read?

    Hello everyone! I never understood the way the fuel gauge works on my clio IV. I don't know if my fuel gauge is faulty or if this is the way it works on the clio IV so I hope someone with the same car can post some feedback. What happens is that I think the fuel gauge always shows much more...
  12. Primastar temp gauge and cooling fan

    A couple of minor issues. The temperature gauge seems to be fluctuating between 0 and half way. Also the cooling fan is coming on a lot more frequently. Considering a coolant flush. Which coolant should I be using? The stuff in there looks clear???? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  13. Fuel gauge not working

    Hi, first of all complete novice when it comes to cars. 2/3 weeks ago I bought a Renault Clio Dynamique 3 door 2012 from a reputable dealership. I filled it up from empty with £50 of fuel and no issues then this morning put in £40 (it was about quarter left in tank) and the fuel gauge...
  14. Temperature Gauge failure

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hello all, 1989 2L Petrol Trafic. Some weeks ago the gauge incorrectly started to show the engine as running cool and now does not register anything. The remaining gauges are working and I can’t find a fuse or wiring fault. Should I replace the Coolant Temperature Sensors? I appear to have one...
  15. Temperature Gauge drops

    Heating & cooling
    Hello, I have a Renault Clio 1.5dci 2004, About 10 mins into my morning journey from home to work after getting to optimal temperature, my temperature gauge drops down to two bars for about ten seconds and then goes back up to normal temperature, Why is this? Thanks
  16. Trafic 2006 140 dci fuel gauge flashing **Fixed**

    Hello My Renault Trafic 2006 140 dci Has just developed a flashing fuel gauge Not sure if it's related but I had a flat battery so I removed the battery to charge it After replacing the battery the next day I noticed the fuel gauge was flashing,then when driving the fuel gauge would...
  17. Clio Speed Gauge Not right

    Hi After xmas my speedometer ran too high and was going backwards. The garage (who I had sent car to for MOT day before) managed to get it to run forward. Eventally every time I turned off my ignition the needle went further down until it got to 0 2 weeks ago my dad borrowed the car, the dial...
  18. fuel, temperature gauge, warning lights not working

    Hi all, just bought a 07 Traffic DCI 115, Got a few problems to sort,The heater controls had no illumination so removed gear change cowling and popped out heater controls, checked bulbs with a tester they were both ok made sure plugs all still connected still not working then noticed all my...
  19. 2004 megane 1.9 120bhp boost gauge

    Hi all. Still having trouble with my car. Since before I have: Checked actuator moves up when started. Changed oil and filter Changer fuel filter. Still really underpowered, up and down gears terrible, no power at all bellow 2k revs and rarely gets above 30mpg. So I have a boost gauge I have...
  20. Twingo 1 1.2 8V rpm gauge instalation problem

    Hy everybody Does enybody know how to comect whires on aftermarket e bay rpm gauge I am having problem with signal whire,dont know where to conect Car is twingo 1 1.2 8V 2002.year Sorry for my bad English i am from Croatia