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  1. Interiors
    Hi there. I would really like some advice regarding how to dismount the standard (Limited trim) gearknop and mounting a R.S 5 speed gearknop in a Clio 5 speed 2017 model. The gearknop are extremely tight mounted, and i can't get it off :surprise: Even a mechanic made an attempt but he had to...
  2. Transmissions
    Hello. I have Laguna 3 Estate from 2011. I have just bought a gearknob from the phase 3 - 2013 ( the aluminium one ) How do i remove the old one and install the new one? Another question... When i change gears, my gearbox feels "spongy" it only has 120.000 on the speedometer. Could it be...
  3. Interiors
    Anybody know how to remove the gearknob from a 2010 Megane Estate? I want to fit an aftermarket gearknob, have tried pulling and unscrewing, neither have worked. It cant be that difficult can it?
  4. Interiors
    Hi there i'm making a few minor interior changes to my clio mk2 and I cant seem to find a suitable gear knob as its a lift up/reverse gearstick, also the stock gearknob doesnt just twist off so will i need to change the whole shaft? Thanks, Sam :d
  5. Interiors
    Hi Can anyone advise me how to replace the worn gearknob please as the leather is peeling off on the top? Thanks
  6. Electronics
    I have a 51 Laguna II which I have a gearknob replaced but it needs to be wired in. Where is the best place to wire it up?
  7. Interiors
    renault clio 1.2 gearknob is very loose and i cannot see a way of sticking it back on. also i cannot see a way of taking a gearknob off a clio down the breakers. what can i do apart from using grip fill, or silocone to glue the thing on???
  8. Interiors
    Hi peeps, I am trying to remove the gear knob but i cant seem to get it off, i have managed to get the rubber bit off but there is a white plastic bit underneath which i cant seem to get off, i have tried pliers but to no avail. can anyone help plz? Thanks, Kennie
  9. Interior styling
    hi guys, im wanting to change my gearknob on my mk2 clio. but im not sure howw it comes of and i dont wanna end up breaking it. any ideas how they come off and if id be able to put a new one on? thanks! :)
  10. Interiors
    please help
  11. Interiors
    Hi, I've just acquired a Sport Tourer and the Gearknob's a bit tatty. I'll be purchasing a new one from Renault, but I can't figure out how to remove the old one... I don't want to break it and end up making things difficult for myself (wife'd wet herself laughing at me!). The chap at the parts...
  12. Interiors
    Hi there, I have a 2002 Clio II and am looking to take off the standard gearknob and replace it with a custom universal one I have bought. How do I remove the standard one?
  13. Interiors
    Hello, Does anyone know how to remove the Gearknob on a 2004 Scenic II? Mine is a bit worn and am thinking of replacing it. Thankyou. :)
  14. Cars & motoring
    hi guys ive just got into my car,got 2 miles down the road and the gearknob came off in my hand,now it just sits on the gear stick,there were bits of a plastic ring just hanging..ive been told there megabucks at the dealers.any ideas where i can get one cheap or if anyone has one going...
  15. Cars & motoring
    Hi Folks. Ive been trying to remove the gearknob from my 2002 Scenic. Cant get it to budge,Infact I used so much force I ripped the leather! Are these the usual screw on/off types? If not does any one know how to get them off?? Thanks in advance.
  16. Interiors
    HI there, my rubber gearknob keeps coming off in my hand now but leaves the white plastic bit at the top of my gearstick. I have just bought a new clio gearknob from ebay and hoped it would just slide straight on (as it also has the lift up reverse). Is there any way to remove the white plastic...
  17. Interiors
    Hi, I have a 98 Megane coupe and the rubber gearknob has gone all loose and just comes off in your hand sometimes now when changing gears. Does anyone know if any other (possibly newer) model renault gearknobs will push on as a direct replacement? Underneath there is a yellowy/cream plastic part...
  18. Cars & motoring
    Our FIDJI gearknob is extremely worn and tatty and spoils the rest of the car. I understand this is glued on (thanks Renault) and has to be cut-off...if you do this are you left with a thread underneath which will take an aftermarket gear knob?
  19. Interiors
    The gearknob on my recently accquired 106,000 mile Lag II 2.2 dCi Dynamique is looking a bit tired and I would like to replace it. Does anyone know what is involved in doing this? Cheers Gavin