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  1. Replace cigarette lighter on gearstick cover mk 3 scinic

    'My cigarette lighter in frontfront F the gear stick is not working I am in the process of buying a new one but how the he'll do you remove it :any help would be appreciated thanks
  2. Clio 2004 gearstick moving while driving

    Hi, i went to the garage and explained that my gearstick moves while accelerating, he said that i need to replace the dogbone gearbox mount, i then replaced the dogbone mount but its still the same and gears still move when driving, i think he must have replaced tge wrong component should i have...
  3. cabriolet gearstick linkage

    1.4 2003/4 megane cabriolet. When I start the car I get a metal on metal snatching noise right beneath the gearstick where it links to the main rod that links to the underside of the gearbox. There's a heatshield covering the linkage and some siezed nuts holding it on so I haven't got it off yet...
  4. laguna 3 gearstick gone floppy and stuck in gear

    Hi,drove my laguna 3 gt 2.0 dci and whilst changing gear the gearstick suddenly went floppy and i couldnt change gear. Cant even put it back into neutral. Read a similar thread on a different renault model and im presuming its a cable attachment came loose. Have taken center consol out but...
  5. sloppy gearstick Clio II -1,6

    Cars & motoring
    Hey there guys, I have a Clio II 1,6 Si -99 with gearstick play. The gears feels like they are all on the same place :) , Is there anything i can replace to fix this problem??
  6. Flappy 1st 3rd and 5th

    Hi guys n gals just bought a kangoo 1.5 dci and it's had a used box fitted from the scrappy buy a good garage but 1st 3rd and 5th gears a quite floppy when in gear 3 being the worst its that bad I keep getting 3rd gear when selecting 5th every now and again I really have to push it to the side...
  7. scenic 2.. gearstick moving forward and back

    Hi everyone, im new to the forum, im here to see if any experts can point me in the right direction on my issue which seems quite common, just cant find any answers to.. my wifes 04 scenic 1.4 petrol has been driving oddly since last week.. the gearstick shoots back and forth whilst driving...
  8. Scenic II (facelift) Auto Gearstick Movement

    For 6 years I've been driving a Scenic II (2005/55) Automatic. I have to say goodbye to it this week as it's now been totaled in a crash. We're picking up another Scenic II later this week--this time a 2008/08 (post-facelift). Now, I was under the impression that with the facelifted model it...
  9. loose gearstick

    hi I have a megane mk2 1.6 16v on a 03 plate the gearstick has play but gear select is not affect just has a lot of play left and right even when in gear wondering if any one can help thank you
  10. clio gearstick

    Hi folks a newbie here.requesting urgent help got a 2000 1.2 16v clio on way home tonite,the gearstick went really loose and "sloppy" and found myself stuck in 3rd im not much of a "grease-monkey" so can anybody give me a diagnosis and how much i might end up paying to get it
  11. Auto gearstick stuck in park

    hi, i have a renault megane automatic (07) which has a problem with the gearstick, when its in park the latch to move to a gear doesnt depress and hence i cant select anything but park. I have checked the brake lights and they work fine (as I appreciate the latch is connected to the brakes)...
  12. Renault Laguna 1.8 Alize Gearstick wobble

    Hey guys, I'm new here - Just joined up because I have just purchased this car and I am really pleased with my investment so far! Drives great! all except this one niggling issue. When I cradle the gear stick I notice it has a huge amount of wobble when changing up and down the gears. Also...
  13. Steering Column Control & Gearstick wobble

    Hello - new to this :) I have just got a clio car derived van; couple of questions: 1) Probably a very silly question, but what is the control on the steering column for (pic attached). We are having a 'discussion' as to whether it is cruise control, or controls for the stereo. 2) It was...
  14. Squeaky gearstick

    Just a quick one, it's doing my head in but, I'm sorting the HG on my own car at the moment. My wife's Y Reg Clio 1.2 16v Sport has a squeak (almost a scratchy squeak I guess) when shifting gears. The ability to block-shift easily also seems hindered, particularly down to 3rd from 5th. There...
  15. Gearstick movement

    Hi all i have a 1.4 16v megane scenic 2003,and when i am driving if I accelerate or decelerate the gearstick jumps either backward or forwards depending on which gear I am in.Also it does occasionaly slip out of 4th gear not noticed in any other gear and the gear stick seems very sloppy could...
  16. Laguna II Gearstick jumping.

    Hi The gearstick on my '04 Laguna II 1.9 DCi has excessive play in it and i am having trouble getting it into 1st and 2nd gear. I have recently changed the gearbox oil as i was getting a screeching noise when pulling off and it seems to have stopped ithe noise from getting any worse. The main...
  17. Reanult clio: Gearstick, Heating, Washers, Clutch

    Cars & motoring
    Hi Everyone, I have a Renault Clio 1.2 5 door 02 plate, it has just had a new water pump and my head gasket was blown so i have had it fixed they skimmed it, Since I've had the car back every time i start to pull off in 1st gear the gear stick starts to shake and the car makes a thudding...
  18. lugana ii gearstick gaiter

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and have recently brought a '04 laguna. The gearstick gaiter is in poor condition, I've brought a new one from ebay but was wondering if anyone knows how to remove the gearknob to replace the gaiter? Also is there any usual problems to look out for on a 1.9 dci...
  19. Gearstick new rubbers kit??

    Does anyone know if theres some kind off kit to replace the vaious rubbers at the gearstick end of the remote? The car is a laguna 1 2.0 16v RTi not sure of the gearbox number
  20. Laguna ph1 2.0 16v gearstick sticks, bush?

    Hiya guys and gals, I have a laguna phase1 with the 2.0 16v volvo stamped lump which has developed a "notchy" gearchange, it started out just being a slightly awkward change to 1st gear, now it seems to have spread to other gears too, the clutch seems fine the car still pulls up hills and...