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  1. Gene to star for Ferrari at Spielberg weekend

    Formula 1 news test driver Marc Gene will be one of the star attractions at this weekend's Ferrari Racing Days event in Spielberg, Austria. Gene will demonstrate an F60, the car used by the Italian team in the 2009 FIA Formula One World...
  2. Gene: I thought I was going to die

    Other motorsports news
    Marc Gene says he thought he was going to die when he crashed and rolled a Peugeot 908 HDi at Le Mans yesterday. The former grand prix driver, who was sharing the No.7 car with Nicolas Minassian and Jacques Villeneuve in the test day for 24 Hours, spun and rolled into a barrier in the Porsche...
  3. not a gene joke

    Jokes & funny stuff
    a duck walks into a PUB and ask for a sandwich & a pint.the barman replies thats great your'e a talking duck,the duck replies yes.the barman then asks him what do you do?the duck replies iam a plasterer,barman replies thats great.Three days later a man walks into the pub and asks for a sandwich...
  4. another gene joke

    Jokes & funny stuff
    the coroner found out yesterday how MR pitney had died,so he reported to the family. THAT SOMETHING GOT A HOLD OF HIS HEART!!!! oops
  5. gene pitney r.i.p

    Jokes & funny stuff
    gene pitney died the other day so his family went to order the coffin,The undertaker said it would take 7days to make it out of oak.5days to make it out of pine.But only 24hours from Balsa.
  6. For anybody who doubts that our gene pool is being diluted...

    Jokes & funny stuff is the proof: A man from Yorkshire who got stuck in a gorse bush for 2 days and needed rescuing by the RAF! :eek: