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    Hi All, Owner of a Renault Laguna on a 59 plate, car has run like a dream since i bought her but some niggle starting to creep in, hopefully i can chate with other owners and see if i can find a cost effective solution. Wherever i can i will offer advice !! Thanks Rob
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    Hi Folks, my first post on here,so be gentle. ive just jumped ship from Peugeot forum onto here with the purchase of my Laguna Coupe. so I will be picking your brains for advise over the coming months no doubt. currently in the process of a few mods 2010 2.0 Tom Tom dynamique in grey...
  3. Engines
    hi all another post by me lol. I rebuilt this engine and its running nice still a bit smokey but I haven't driven it yet to clear it out of water in exhaust, when I rev the car gently the engine wobbles. likes its missing a bit. I have checked the compression and all good there. I have cleaned...
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    just a quick message to say hi to all
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    i have a megane scenic 2004 1.5dci when i turn the blower on to demist the car i can here it working but can not feel anything from any vent no matter what setting its on can anyone help.
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    Hiya all, first time post and annoyingly it's to ask for advice! I've been into Renaults since i left school to train as a mechanic (waaaaaay back in '86!) and my yts work placement was at a Renault garage. I guess it's kinda coloured my vision ever since,okey dokey then a bit of history about...
  7. Electronics
    Hi everyone, This is my first post so please be gentle on me. I have been having a couple of problems withmy car recently. I have CHECk INJECTION coming up on my dash. So i took it to my garage who ran a diagnostics on it and it came up with, Wait for it 48 Faults. So it got reset and i ran...
  8. Bodywork
    Hi All, Having had a search through some of the posts on here it seems that there are certainly a few people on here that know exactly what they're talking about. I have a LAGUNA DYNAMIQUE TECHNO T 2.0 petrol from 2003. The weirdness began a couple of months back when my drivers door...
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    hello, New member and i drive a grand scenic which is now giving a lot of problems hence becoming a menber
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    Hi peeps, Just passing through, looks a great site, will have a good old gander when got a little more time. BTW i drive a Laguna 2 Sport Tourer 2.0 ide. (worst engine i know lol) Laters. ;)
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    Hello Just purchased a 54 plate Espace 2.2 DCI Privilege, and very pleased with it. I normally post on for my other car (TVR) but they don't seem to cater for Renaults :( Anyway I have a few questions... Does anyone else have rusting wheel nuts, sounds strange but mine are...
  12. Electronics
    Hi all Looked at this car the other day complaining of lack of power and a gentle surging as if the throttle is being feathered, happens in all gears between 2 and 3k if cruising. New air mass improved power as it read about 1/3 down but still feels a bit sluggish to me. No codes and...
  13. Interiors
    Hi all, have fitted an aftermarket stereo to my 2001 Laguna II, (Sony CDX-GT610U) and have included a Connects2 adapter to keep the stalk controls. All has been fine for a couple of weeks but now the stalk has stopped responding. My guess is that something's popped out of the back due to the...
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    Hy all :) Just joined up, I currently drive a FF Megane 225 and came across this forum through Thanks Saint
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    I own a Phase 1 Laguna estate with a 1.9Dti engine. I have added things like rear head rests (£25 from e-bay) and a full set of mudflaps. I use it for travel to and from work and for my work as a trainer in Health and safety, food hygiene, first aid and patient handling. I work in Milton...
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    Morning all, got my hands on a Kangoo 1.9 RN Diesel 2001 X plate. Couple of niggles, thats why I'm here! :)