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    And the driver. Gallery: Puff the Magic Wagon - Historic Racing Technology
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    hello all i joined the site today to get help with my Clio 1.2 thats driving me mad. Im in no way a mechanic but im learning bits and bobs and trying hard to fix my car myself as I cant afford garage fees. thank you all for reading :-)
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    I have a 2006 MK3 1.4 16V Clio Dynamique, and it needs a service. I used to have the service interval plan on my MY RENAULT, however it seems to have disappeared. I remember it telling me I needed my timing belt changed at 5 years or 72000 miles. I went through the service history and noticed...
  4. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hey guys.. I drive a 2005 2ltr dci Renault Megane Dynamique, and have a few questions.. I had to disconnect my battery to change it due to a low point in it - and this obviously re-sets the radio. Can anyone tell me what the code should be? The person that sold me it doesn't know it and there is...
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  6. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hey everyone.. Bought a Clio Gt 8 months ago and thought I'd join the forum, looking forward to sharing and getting advice from you good people!! x Lauren Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - Laurren;
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    Fantastic .......... I just love proper road racing and its fantastic to learn a girl has made history by winning the 2009 Ultra Lightweight Manx Grand Prix. This hasnt been very well published...
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    Everyone on the RenaultForums let me introduce you to the first addition to my family!! Her name is Shannon. She was born on Thursday 16th April. I am absolutly overjoyed about this as this is me and my wifes first child. I can't really explain in words how brilliant it is! I know how sleepless...
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    Crazy :crazy: :crazy:
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    Evening all Just to let you know, baby Jessica born earlier on this evening weighing 7lbs4. I am on cloud nine. Mother and baby fine and dandy :d Oh, and she was 5 days overdue, apparently very common round these parts lately according to the midwife.
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    Morning all. Thought I'd share the very good news with you that my wife gave birth to Maia our daughter this morning at 04:13 after a lengthy 12 hour labour. Weighing in at 6lb 8oz which isn't bad for a 4 week premature baby! The decision was taken to induce the OH after her waters broke...
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    BBC NEWS | Wales | South East Wales | Baby girl for Charlotte and Gavin Aww :) I like Charlotte Church too, good luck to them!
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    If you wanted to freak the checkout girl at Tesco, but were only allowed to buy 3 items, what would they be? My suggestions so far: 1 - Pregnancy test, saw, bin bags 2 - Fishnet Stockings, Mini skirt, A-Z of Ipswich.
  14. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello, my name is Dave and I drive a Nissan Primera GT. I am a member of the Nissan Primera Owners Club who have been good to me and my car. However, my girlfriend drives a 2003 (03) Renault Clio 1.2 3dr, therefore I thought I would join your forum on her behalf :) You seem to have a well run...
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    OK, The Adventures Of Shark Boy And Lava Girl is a movie filmed in 3D, so why does the DVD Rental joint only have the 2D version? I told one of the kids that we'd go a rent it, now he wants to buy it. I hate buying DVDs because pretty every one I've ever bought, and there are loads of them, are...
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    A nine-year-old girl faces a trial for causing an accident after she was knocked over by a car on a zebra crossing. The youngster, not named for legal reasons, from Schaffhausen in Switzerland was slightly injured after she was hit by the car while crossing the road with her mum and...
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    I love really clever and simple uses of technology and this is one: If you click the video link, you can see a little girl getting into trouble and sinking to the bottom of the pool. Within 3 seconds the system picks her up and alers the...