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  1. Scenic no longer giving notification beeps when locking/unlocking

    Hi all Hi all, I have an 55plate scenic and had a flat battery, I had to bump start and it came up with electrical fault I ran it around the corner and parked up turning it off and started again and the fault had vanished. The only issue I now have is when I locked the car I had a long...
  2. Not giving completed feed back

    hi all think I am going to get In trouble for this but still going to say it.many of our longer serving experts request that WE post the results after a problem!! Even to me the lack of this is frustrating. Now the bad bit can't you not allow a new post without finalizing the first one? don't...
  3. Speedo giving me wrong speeds!

    Hello all ('ll be sick of me by now), After having my abs pump/ controller changed I'm getting speeds reading faster than I'm actually going. I know because I've checked it against a speedo app on my phone that works off satellite's. It's reading around 70mph when actually doing just...
  4. Alonso not giving up on 2011 title hopes

    Formula 1 news's Fernando Alonso may be 89 points adrift of championship leader Sebastian Vettel, but he's adamant there is still plenty of time to turn things around. Speaking at the Italian team's summer press event at Madonna di Campaglio...
  5. I'm close to giving up ( Laguna 1 airbag problem)

    I've got a constant airbag light in the dashboard. I've solved it before by cleaning the connections under the seat, but now that doesn't work. I've ended up cutting off the connectors and soldered the wires together. No go Now I've tried to replace the airbag ECU, which is located between the...
  6. Clio giving me a headache

    Hi, I have recently started getting problems with my clio..... first my central locking seemed to just stop working all of a sudden so i changed the battery and this did no good what so ever. i even checked the button bit on the curcuit board and thats fine. Then my car would take about 5...
  7. My Megane is Giving me a Headache!

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum, although did register ages ago, but I'm having emotional turmoil over my Megane at the mo, specifically, the cambelt! It is a 55 plate 1.6 16 valve with just under 50k on the clock, and I've been advised that I need a new cambelt, and the importance of having...
  8. espace losing power,giving off smoke

    hi, have a diesel espace 1.9 2003.have occasionaly noticed power fading, and returning, lately -then the other day decided to take car to national as thought perhaps exhaust had crack (crack noted as advisory note on recent mot)or something as seemed to give off smoke at start of journey.guys...
  9. Megane 2.0 ide cabriolet 2001 is giving me a headache

    I have had a diagnostic check following the illumination of the electronic fault light and the code was P0170 - Fuel trim malfunction (bank 1) and have been advised that it could be the Lambda sensor. I ordered and then replaced the sensor yesterday and thought everything was ok until driving...
  10. Laguna 2 - Clutch giving me a headache

    I was hoping someone would be able to provide a opinion on an issue with the clutch/gearbox on my laguna. Last week the clutch went, wasnt able to change gear with the engine on (was able to change gears with it off) an i suspected a clutch issue which was confirmed by the mechanics. A week &...
  11. giving renaults a try

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    hello. new to this forum and to modern Renaults (although i have a 1981 quatrelle in France); recent cars have been japanese, mainly honda. thought we'd try a diesel clio sport tourer, as we spend time in france and plan to spend more. honda dealers thin on the ground there & diesel cheaper...
  12. Xenon Light giving pink light

    Hi All, Turned on the headlights tonight and noticed one of the xenon headights had a pinkish glow to it and reduced output. The other one was normal bright white, has anyone else had this problem as its a new one to me ??
  13. I have a remote control for my Clio but is it giving 100%

    Cars & motoring
    Hi people, I, well it's my wifes really, have just got a Clio, it has two keys, one of the key fobs has a remote control button on it, never having had a Renault before, I am asking how close or how far away should i be for it to work properly > The little red light works OK, but i have to get...
  14. 16" alloys giving rough ride on concrete

    Wheels & tyres
    As I'm sure most of the regulars know, I've recently swapped a 2002 Privilege for a 2005 Initiale. One of the differences is that I'm now running 16" Scala wheels instead of 17" Silverstones. My expectation of the smaller wheels was a smoother ride at the expense of some sharpness in handling...