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    Hello to all I have heard great things from about this forum, I hope I can give advice as well as getting help regards
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    Hi all. Ive just bought a Trafic T1100D to convert to a camper. His name is Wilf and hes fab. I joined today to try and get help with a fuel leak. I was delighted to find you as there appears to be no manual for the '94 trafic "diesel" Safe travels one and all. Mandymoo
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    Having been playing with Volvos and Land Rovers for a few years, I had decided that I wanted something more fun and practical to drive around for now, though the idea of swapping engines and parts around is playing on my mind >:) Decided to buy a Clio III based on the milage, condition, age...
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    Hi all, just to say thanks for the past two years, this forum has helped me fix so many issues on my laguna mkii 1.9dci, and there have been many. Until now I have just browsed but now I have a question that I can't find from browsing so here I am :)
  5. Formula 1 news Hulkenberg says he is pleased he participated in this week young driver test at Silverstone, despite being able to discern few performance differences between Pirelli's revised tyres and their predecessors during his 52 lap stint on...
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  7. Welcome to RenaultForums
    great forum, keep up to good work:) :d
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    Hi everyone. I would like to introduce myself Bit of a loner ..except when it comes to the ladies! Have a Megane Estate and one of the new Citroen C3 cars. Ex wench recommended me to join so it must be good "!!!!
  9. Other makes
    Hi all, Can anyone please tell me if they have changed the auxiliary belt on a vauxhall tigra. The belt comes off easy with a 15mm spanner, problem is it is wrapped round an engine mounting, i`ve removed all the bolts apart from the one you can`t get at behind the aircon pump. Even undone the...
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    Guys Bought my first brand new car, a Laguna II Expression 1.8 4 and a half years ago. Its looks and technology won it for me, but boy its unreliable. However, found the forum and it seems I'm not the only one have problems with the car and dealers. My saga started a few months after picking...