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  1. Bodywork
    Hi, need to remove the glass window from my 04 Trafic's bulkhead - anyone know any tricks? as I can't get it to shift and don't want to break it.
  2. Bodywork
    hi are there any tutorials on drivers door glass replacement ?
  3. Bodywork
    Hi all ive got a problem with outside temp sensor on the wing mirror ive bought a new one for £3 :) instead of nearly 50 from from renault :) does anyone know how to get the glass out ?is it a case of just pulling it,or is there a certain way of doing this. its a renault trafic sport 120dci 15...
  4. Ask the Experts
    Hi all, my wife had her car widow put through last night, I have got a donor door but cant figure out how to physically replace the glass. Does anyone have any ideas? Cheers!
  5. Electronics
    Hi , my renault clio carminat sat nav as just started up with a fault on loading it comes up with a hour glass timer but will not load or go any further any help please
  6. Bodywork
    Hi all, On my car the above window seals have come off and appear too short (same as the one on the attachment).I purchased a pair of second hand one off ebay but they were exactly the same. I do see other cars where the seals go under the horizontal roof seal. My question is why would anyone...
  7. Bodywork
    hi can i replace the near side rear quarter glass myself or is it a specialsits bonded glass job. if the answer is "yes you can replace it yourself" anyone got any good advise :grin2:
  8. Bodywork
    By which I mean the nipply bit fitted to the glass that the strut fits to! Does anyone know if these are available seperately? Or are they only available with the glass? If anyone could supply a part number I'd very grateful. Many thanks, Dave Car is a 2002 with opening rear glass
  9. Bodywork
    Hi all I own a Renault Modus Dynamique DCI (86) on a 59 plate. I have only had for just three months. On the way home while driving on a dual carriage way (55 MPH) the glass in my electric sunroof suddenly shuttered. I was no where near a bridge and the weather was warm but not hot. I did not...
  10. Bodywork
    Advice needed please. Own a 2007 Grand Scenic 1.5dCi, something hit the mentioned glass panel whilst in a car park no signs of break in, and was wondering is it possible to replace the glass yourself as I can get a replacement one from Ebay for £30 and grudge paying the excess on my insurance...
  11. Bodywork
    Hi guys, I recently bought an 02 Clio which has a cracked wing mirror. I've bought a replacement but I'm struggling to work out how to remove the old one? The wing mirrors are electric and I'm looking to replace the glass only and not the whole thing. Thanks in advance for any help!
  12. Bodywork
    Hi lads can any one tell me how change the glass on my passganer side wing mirror on my renault Megane please
  13. Bodywork
    Hi there, I have a scenic 2 15dci 2004. driving down the m3 and my passenger door window exploded into the car, very frightening, luckily i did not have any passengers. go a replacement from the breakers and now want to fit the new glass. has anyone done this? It seems as though you have to...
  14. Electronics
    Hi I just have a problem with the glass of the driver door, don come up well, I cant explain very well, on the video you can see the problem, does anybody can help me to fix that problem please. 66zRUsP6BDM&
  15. Bodywork
    Hi guys. i require the Renault part number for the offside heated with blind spot mirror glass for a Megane mks 2 hatchback.. any ideas? Thanks Dave
  16. Bodywork
    Hi I hope someone can help. I was refitting the door glass on one of the back doors of a 5 door mk2 clio manual window. Glass went in easy and got it lined up nicely. However while testing it I wound it all the way down and it smashed. It felt like caught something just before it smashed did I...
  17. Electronics
    Hi Guys First post on the forum. Have been searching on here constantly since I bought the car due to buying it with loads of issues. Unfortunately, I've hit a brick wall and have joined out of frustration. Neither the rear glass or tailgate function correctly. The switches operate as...
  18. Bodywork
    Hi My first post so be gentle please. The mirror glass (near side) has fallen out of my wife's Renault wind.Could anyone tell me how to replace it? regards Speedbirdwilts
  19. Cars & motoring
    Does anybody know what the Renault Scenic Dynamique TOMTOM Automatic car has, please.
  20. Cars & motoring
    Espace MkIII 2009. I have a 2009 Espace, and this weekend the door mirror glass on the drivers side slid off, I noticed and stopped it from falling and breaking. :mad: It has a heating element on the back, although it appears this has been put on the glass the wrong way, as the connectors are...