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  1. Error code P0380 generic glow plug circuit a

    Hello, first post. I didn***8217;t bother joining Nissan forum as not too many interstars around. 2009 2.5dxi 100. Changed battery as it couldn***8217;t hold a charge. Since then it***8217;s had sluggish starting. Error code on iPhone OBD reader is P0380. Changed plugs, changed glow plug relay...
  2. Changing Glow Plugs - Laguna III 1.5 dci estate

    Hello All, new to the forum - however i need to change the glow plugs on my Laguna III - 2008 model year - with a 1.5dci engine to gain access there is a need to remove a pipe that goes over the engine - the pipe fits into a rubber hose at either end and is held in place by clamps. these are...
  3. glow light

    Help what dose it mean when your glow plug light stay on can any one tell me why ?
  4. Location of glow plug

    Please who knows the location of the glow plug relay for Renault grand scenic 1.5dci auto 2011?
  5. P0380 - Glow plug/Heater Circuit A / Check Ignition

    Hi folks, After a bit of thought. Initially I thought this was a glow plug, cable problem etc but running out of ideas. Checked: 1. Resistance of both engine and heater plugs, all around 0.9/1ohm. 2. Found neutral/earth cable for the water plugs had corroded and broken away. Remade and...
  6. No glow plug light after putting battery on wrong way round ***128580;

    Ask the Experts
    Hi guys put battery on wrong way round for a few seconds now have no glow plug light on my clio dci , checked all fuses and changed relays, turns over for 3 seconds and stop light shows up and won’t turn over, also the battery was disconnected for 3 weeks any ideas as to the problem please...
  7. Renault Master II glow lamp

    Got a Renault Master II with a Nissan ZD3 engine,2005, the glow lamp will not come out. engine start easily,new glow relay, everything seem to be okay, glow plugs checked. but glow lamp stays on. what could possibly cause that problem? and do anyone got fault code list to that car with that engine?
  8. Trafic van glow plugs 11volt to 7volt

    Hi, my 2007 renault 2.0 dci 115 trafic van has a glow plug fault. I had the plugs changed but have just realised they are the wrong voltage plugs. The ones originally fitted were bosch 11 volt. The new ones are only 7volt. I can't find 11volts ones any where and can not find the part number for...
  9. Glow Plugs Primastar 1.9 2005

    Looking to replace mine, but on ECP they list several . What do i need to know to get correct ones, as fitment detail on those listed are slightly different. Overall Length [mm] range from 88mm to 89,92
  10. Renault Master MK2 glow plugs location

    Can anyone please help me locate the glow plugs in my 2003 Renault Master MkII Box 2.2dCi (2188cc) (engine code G9T 722)?
  11. Poor start, glow plug light, no turbo

    Hi everyone. Recently my van's glow plug light (and engine light) came on and with it several problems it seems. I replaced the MAF yesterday with what claimed to be a OEM one but the van wouldn't kick with that one in place. I refitted the original one today and it now drives albeit with...
  12. Glow plugs

    So today after doing a few more jobs on van and taking Air cleaner/maf unit out. I noticed one of the glow plugs plug, the long black bit that pushes over glow plugs and connects to them was broken, appears still to be connected though. If I replace glow plugs, can a new connector be bought or...
  13. Kangoo glow plug indicator

    The glow plug indicator comes on when I accelerate and there is a dip in power. I don't know where to start here. Was directed to this forum (Hi all!) Any ideas out there. Have read through other threads but can't find corresponding problem/answers. Many thanks
  14. '90 T1100D glow plug relay test...

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi, does anybody on here know how I can test a '90 T1100D glow plug relay or have a wiring diagram that I can figure out what the 4 spade connectors are... thnx Mark
  15. service & glow plug lights stay on. loss of power & lots of black smoke

    I have a 2007 trafic 2.0 115dci. it started with lots of black smoke so cleaned egr valve as advised but didn't cure the smoke & now the service & glowplug lights are staying on & loss of power + still lots of black smoke PLEASE HELP:crying2::crying2:
  16. Glow Plug Help

    2005 laguna 2.0dci(150hp) Im certain it needs glow plugs, stuggles to start. From what i have read. 12v are fitted from factory. They got discontinued. 7v quick glow are the replacments. But they go pop in current system. I think something needs to change with thr ecu. Firmware update? The...
  17. Glow plug light

    I know this question is like how long is apiece of string but ill ask anyway :) how long with current temps should the glow plug light stay on the car is a 2007 dci mine appears to stay on for between 5 and 7 seconds but at the moment my daughters bmw does not even come on
  18. Glow plugs

    Hi guys snapped the last glow plug i was changing the other week had some spare time today so took it apart ready to have a go so sprayed it with WD40 and will let it soak do you think i have a chance with a pair of mole grips or some other tool the other plugs had only been in about 6 months...
  19. Renault master glow plug relay bypass method

    Is it possible to bypass the glow plug relay as all the wires are neatly tucked away and no exposed terminals to connect together. Checked all fuses and all seem fine but no glow plug light on my dash after jump starting. I just want to confirm this is the problem before I replace it. Thanks
  20. Glow Plug Dashboard Light - 07 Clio

    Hi, There is no glow plug light illuminating on my recently acquired 07 Mk3 Diesel Clio. Nevertheless, it starts ok after about 2 seconds of cranking, even in the coldest of weather (I hold the key in the last position for about 10 seconds first, with the assumption the glowplugs are heating...