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  1. Help me please, for the love of god

    Hi, how are you doing lovely people? I have a bit of an issue with my megane dynamique. It's from 2004 and the gearbox on it broke. I went to a local breaker and he sold me a scenic gearbox saying it would fit on my car. The gearbox fitted perfectly and all the mounts were exactly the same...
  2. God bless Paul Daniels

    General Chat
    As 2016 progresses we have lost another entertainment great Paul Daniels ...God bless and Rest in Peace Paul:frown2:
  3. God Bless David Bowie

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    World has lost yet another influential star David Bowie RiP
  4. Renault Laguna 2, 55 reg Initail God failure.

    Hi I have a 55 reg Laguna 2 with the DVD Bluetooth sat nav in it. My problem is that the gps signal is not getting a fix and the icon on the screen looks Grey. I've checked for faults with can clip and there is a fault with the gps arial-signal. I've fitted a replacement new Gps arial but the...
  5. Please someone help me with my A/C

    Heating & cooling
    I've been having endless problems with my air conditioning because my Renault Clio seems to be very unique to every other clio. I have a Renault Clio 2002 1.5dci Expression + with the radiator/condenser in one and the drier on the far left near the wheel arch not attached at the side. I need the...
  6. Windows 7 The God Folder.

    Computer Club
    Among Geeks / Nerds this is colloquially know as the Windows 7 God Folder. On the Desktop Right click > scroll down to New > Scroll across & Up to Folder The above Abbreviated = Create a new Folder on the desktop Right click on this New Folder, scroll to Properties, remove the title New...
  7. Engine will not start Scenic 1.4 petrol

    Hi all, W reg renault scenic 1400 16v I'm new to the site and so far found it to be a big help with my car. I am at the point of setting fire to it as I have rebuilt the head after some muppet mis-timed the cams and bent the valves now I'm stuck with it having no spark... I have changed the...
  8. thank god i have a renault

    the renault crankshaft sensor is very easy to do in fact 9 out of ten times just clean it just had to do the daughters corsa c pig to get at should be one bolt and off but this one has been there from new i think to remove it i had to drop the exhaust then the sump and evan then it took an hour...
  9. God dam key fob :(

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Edit, sorry this is the intro room.
  10. God awful ticking noise....

    It's all kicked off in the Modus camp this morning :help: It started with a little splutter and a puff of white smoke, initially I thought it was water/derv mix (I should be so lucky!) from there it went to a loud ticking noise and then to STOP Injection fault (all today) which at the moment...
  11. God damn limp mode :( anyone got any ideas?

    Hi all, You may remember me as the hapless guy that had a turbo replaced recently. Anyway I have a new problem: I was driving along a country road and hit a pothole (I had no idea that it was there as there was a sneaky puddle covering the road). There was a big thump and them the electrical...
  12. Clio 1.2 Timing belt snapped, head gasket and god know what else

    Hi Everyone, new here and desparate. Was doing 70 the other day on M25 when I lost all power and was lucky enough to reach the hard shoulder when I came to a complete stop. AA towed me home and said it looked a big job- Engine needs to be stripped down etc- I know nothing about mechanics...
  13. Mrs Scatz is learning to drive, god help us all!

    General Chat
    Mrs Scatz has just left for her first ever driving lesson :crazy: She's booked a whole course for £700 which included both the theory and practical test fee's, enough tuition until she passes (although I would have thought there'd be some cut off on that :rofl:) and also the costs of the 6...
  14. espace help me god help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi to all hope someone out there can help me with this problem I have a 53 espace 1.9dci .The problem i've had the car for two weeks everything is working good. accept now when i put the key fob into the slot and press the start button nothing happens so i repeat the process 3 or 4 times and...
  15. Oh my god.............

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    With a help of a new neighbour ( My discs and pads at the front have been renewed! The state of the old ones :o:eek: :o :crazy: :( VERY close to having no pads left :o:crazy: Still all sorted now! :cool:
  16. im happy to join,happy newyear to every one,and God bless i drive a R enult Energy

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Im New To This Forum,my Name Is Celony I Drive Renult Energy 19,year 2000 Model, I Had A Problem With My Alternator Belt,it Broke Off And The Battry Light Shows Then I Went And Change It After That The Light Stop Showing,then, After 3 Days I Noticed The Light Showing Again, I Thought It Was The...
  17. God Save the Queen 'is due for a rewrite', says Labour's Lord Goldsmith

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    Do you think the national Anthem ( God save the Queen ) should be changed ?
  18. Even God makes mistakes....

    Ooops.....sorry!.:) This has had me in stitches.......:rofl:
  19. God me and wifes 15 wedding anniversary

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    God its our 15th wedding anniversary today its Crystal i believe and my wife says it feels like 30 God what does she mean?:d ;) its a good thing i think Hers are pics of the big day 15 years ago
  20. My god you lot are in trouble!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Well hello everyone,Im Tim,I live in Swindon and i have just bought a 2001 Galoona DCi,Ive bought this as my second car as running a twin turbo Supra to and from work became very costly!,Anyway as for the Laguna its absolutely amazing,I only paid 2 and a half grand for it but by god was it worth...