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    Rio de Janeiro’s city hall selected a group of companies to build a new race track that could eventually host the Brazilian Grand Prix, a move that could still be challenged in courts. Official city hall records published Tuesday say the Rio MotorSports group was the only bidder for the job...
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    Me being nosey decided to look up the age of the House of Parliament and found this info, read into it what you like>:)>:) Royal Palace From the Cnut the Great (1016-1035) to Henry VIII, this strategically important river side site was the main residence for the Kings of England until 1512...
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    I heard this on my local radio today.. Diesel drivers face £12.50 fee to enter cities after motorists were told to ditch their petrol cars for 'green' fuel..
  4. Formula 1 news
    Morning all, Just spotted this on the government epetition website. 100,000 names are required for government to consider the topic for debate. Every little helps.
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    Won't be long now. :d Party Conference season, The Sun declaring allegiance to DC. The government suddenly coming out with new initiatives that they have had TWELVE years to think about. I say good Ferking riddance to the biggest bunch of lying, duplicitous t*ss pots we have ever had the...
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    As you will probably know, I own & operate a mobile SMART repair business. As you will definitely know - the cost of fuel is becoming ever more frightening on an almost daily basis. With the economy teetering on the brink of recession, its not really a good idea to increase prices, but I...
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    A victory for common sense
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    Quite scary :crazy: :crazy:
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    Wind energy to power UK by 2020, government says | Environment | Guardian Unlimited
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    Two further breaches embarrass Government Two more cases of lost confidential information have emerged as police continue to search for discs containing files of 25 million people.
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    5,000 !!!! :crazy: I thought when this news initially broke some months back it was only a few isolated cases . So much for the war on terror Government accused of cover-up over immigrant security staff | Special Reports | Guardian Unlimited Politics
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    itv investigates whether the Government is losing the battle for control of the UK's roads Monday 30th oct 8PM ITV News - Drivers Uncovered