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  1. Wheels & tyres
    Just had my MOT done, all fine except for two things, one is a headlight bulb and another is this.. "Nearside Rear Rear brake grabbing slightly (3.7.A.5b)" That is the exact wording on the MOT checker site (yes two rear rear). Can someone advise on how to go about fixing this/or if it isn't a...
  2. Brakes/Hubs
    Has anyone had this experience? I have great little car The Grand Modus performs very well except for one thing. When left for even 20 minutes the brakes will grab when applied. Even at 1 MPH it grabs, car stops ok but passengers are thrown forward. After driving short distance when brakes are...
  3. Wheels & tyres
    I have a Master van with 'profound' brake grabbing; just a touch locks them up. It came on pretty immediately. Unhooking servo vacuum and it still locks with much squealing of rubber, pads and disks look OK, wheels rotate smoothly. The only search I have found mentions 'brake booster' - <a...
1-3 of 3 Results