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    What is the suggested viscosity and ASEA grade for the 2.0L diesel without DPF? Cheers!!! Sent fra min Moto G (5) Plus via Tapatalk
  2. Engines
    Hi all, Was thinking of doing an oil change on my 04 mk2 Scenic 1.9 dci which I purchased a few months ago, the thing is I have been on a few sites and they are all giving me different grades of oil. Has anyone got a Scenic the same as mine and know what oil they use Thanks
  3. Engines
    hi can someone tell me what grade of oil goes in a mk4 2.2 reno espace please and how much/quantity i need first espace i have owned,used to pajero's thanks in advance
  4. Transmissions
    I have a 2002 Laguna 3.0 V6 Privilege and want to change the gearbox oil. The local car parts place says to use Dexron III but I'm sure this is not right. Can anybody help? Thanks
  5. Engines
    Hello, What is the engine oil grade for the new clio 4 TCe 90 petrol? What should I use? Thanks
  6. Engines
    Hi guys, I've had a search but didn't find the answer I'm after!! Apologies if it's been asked before!! Basically, I am planning on servicing my 2005 Trafic 1.9dci model and also my wife's Citroen C4 1.6 hdi at the same time. Citroen recommends fully synthetic 5w/40 whereas my vans recommended...
  7. Engines
    Hello, Just want to double check which oil is the correct grade for my '06 Laguna. In the book it says 5w30 Elf DPF oil, but talking to a renault tech he said it may be worth changing to 5w40 oil (because the engine is getting on a bit and the thinner oil could get past the turbo seals). But...
  8. Engines
    Hello, Can you damage your engine by putting in a too higher spec/grade oil than specified?? I have a Grand Scenic 2 (2.0l, Dci, 150 bhp, 05/2006) and assumed it had a particle filter when in fact it didn't. I replaced the oil with 5w-30 when in fact 5W-40 is adequate. Lower viscosity is...
  9. Engines
    can't find my manual, but from memory i think that the 1.6 requires a 5w/30 fully synthetic or 10w/40 semi....can anyone confirm this for meplease? it's done 82k so i thought the 10w/40 would be fine
  10. Engines
    Hi all, Can anybody tell me which grade of oil I should use for my 2007 Megane 1.5 DCi Dynamique. Im not sure if it has a particle filter or not?? Don't know how to check to be honest. Thanks Andy
  11. Engines
    Hi All, I'm due to go to a friend's place tomorrow about 450km south of here to do a service on their Espace and want to pick up oil on the way (I know it seems a helluva way, but I'm in France and am going for the weekend). I can't contact them to check the grade of oil to get, so does anyone...
  12. Engines
    Hello , I have just bought a 2006 diesel (dci 1.9) scenic and l have read in the service history it has had 5w40 oil. l have a unopened 5 litre can of 10w40 in my garage from my older 1.9 diesel scenic could l use this oil in my present one? thanks Tony
  13. Engines
    Can someone please confirm if I should be using super unleaded in my car. I bought it in August this year and the previous owner ran it on standard Unleaded, which is what I have been doing. However I recently purchased the owners manual from ebay as it was missing from the pack when I got the...
  14. Engines
    Hi all, Off to France next week and want to get a topup bottle to take with me. The car (2004 2.2dCi Lag 2) was service when I bought it last month by "a garage" so don't know what they used, but can you point me in the direction of the correct grade of oil so I can buy a 1ltr topup? Thanks.
  15. Engines
    Hi just a quick question, I want to change the oil in my Scenic diesel Dt 1.9 '98 and would like to know which is the best grade for it? - Cheers!:o
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  17. Engines
    just wondering, i need to service and change the cambelt on my volvo engined RTi lag before i put it on the road. So i need to know what grade engine oil do i need for the engine?
  18. Engines
    Bonjour people. Can someone please tell me what what grade of oil I need for my 1.4 16V 2002 Clio? Thank you. :)
  19. Transmissions
    I have a 1999 T reg Espace 2.0L Alize Auto, and would like to know what oil should I use for the automatic gearbox. All my hanbook says is refer to Renault Dealership. I would like to drain and renew the oil and don't know what type to use and how much to use. any help would be great. Thanks:)...
  20. Engines
    hi all, sorry if asked b4 seem confused what is best oil for my car manual gives several 2008 1.5 dci clio . thanks in advance . max