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  1. In Car Entertainment
    Hi there guys! I bought my 2010 Grand Scenic III last year and it was factory fitted with the TomTom unit. I always found it completely useless and honestly kind of ugly. I've wanted to replace it with something for a long time but options are limited... it's complicated to replace the factory...
  2. Electronics
    Hi having a good look at a faulty grand scenic 3 wiper motor & believe I have found a solution. Ridiculous price of these at some £300
  3. Engines
    Hi I have a grand scenic 3 1.5 dci 110 with a p0202 code cylinder /injector 2 fault code. What cylinder is this please is it second in from gearbox or cam end?
  4. Engines
    I have been baffled by this one and it took some time to get the mount and housing off but I've hit a snag. Is the 'M' shape a screw/bolt head? If not how do I get this thing apart? Any help would be welcome.
  5. Electronics
    I have a Renault Grand Scenic (2009) and changed the battery last October. However today was randomly driving when I had the following message: Battery Charge Fault. I stopped the car and then restarted it and everything was fine. Any ideas - as I really don't want another hefty garage bill...
  6. Ask the Experts
    the master cylinder clip broke so I replaced the master cylinder with a Luk one I have fitted it but I cannot bleed the system cannot get the pressure please help
  7. Transmissions
    Hi all, I went to drive my car this morning and I could tell something was wrong then It became very obvious that it was the gearbox. Couldn't use 2nd or 4th. I just wanted to ask what the best course of action would be? My brother in law has offered to fit it for low cost but I need to find a...
  8. Exhausts
    2008 grand scenic 1.9dci codes p242a and p242f. Forums said 242a is exhaust gas temp. but nowhere has this part for my car, also cannot get a manual for this car so cannot locate any faulty parts. Forums also said 242f is dpf have found it on car but told to do 242a 1st since it was logged on...
  9. Transmissions
    Hello all I have a problem with a 2007 model. DP0 box. Got the car a year ago spares/repair gearbox issue intermittent. Seemed to drive okay for the 10 metres or so I drove it to the trailer/off trailer/into garage. No faults on dash. Laid up for a year and finally got around to this. Given...
  10. Steering and Suspension
    Hi I***8217;ve seen a 2005 Renault grand scenic 7 for sale and needed some advice. It***8217;s had the same owner for 10 years and has 12 months mot and full service history. There are a couple of issues i have picked up from the mot history and wondered if I should leave alone? Basically on...
  11. Wanted
    As above, in good nick, advice re electrics too if poss, i.e. dedicated kit? Scotchlock or prefer solder, bypass relay? Course it must be in good nick! Ta folks.
  12. Interiors
    Hi, maybe someone can help me with this issue. I wanted to replace the map reading lights and centre dome lights to led , and went to am authorised seller and told him to replace them for me. When he installed the led on the centre dome light it did not light and then noticed that even the map...
  13. Electronics
    Hello there Can anyone tell me where to find the gps aerial / sensor on my 2010 Grand Scenic ? I think it might have a problem as the Tom Tom keeps thinking its in a different location then it finds itself and works ok for a while. Can be OK for a while or go wrong for days, say a couple of...
  14. Transmissions
    Hi, first timer here! Can someone please give me a rough idea how much a replacement clutch would cost at a local garage? Thanks Si
  15. For sale
    59k on clock. Full service history. I can provide full details and pictures upon request and i'm open to offers. DM/ PM me
  16. Electronics
    Hi, grateful for any advice if possible? I am hoping to install a DIY tow bar kit on my 2010 (60 plate) Grand Scenic III 1.5 dci. I have ordered a compatible "Brink" tow bar and a universal wiring kit ( ). I've read...
  17. Electronics
    hi, I have a 2005 grand scenic 2 and following an issue with the battery going flat then wipers sometimes work and sometimes don't. It doesn't get used a huge amount and for a period over the winter the battery kept going flat (and jump started with no problem) so in January I replaced the...
  18. Brakes/Hubs
    Sorry long post... Help please! Wife parked car, came back to find Parking Brake Fault STOP message. Could not move forward or back, brake would not go off. There is no emergency release pull handle in the boot/ back seats just a gap where it should be. Breakdown guy also was at a loss. Got...
1-18 of 500 Results