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  1. MK3 Grande Scenic noisy heater blower

    Heating & cooling
    Hi. The heater blower on my mk3 Grande Scenic is working fine, but it is quite noisy and squeaky. I've tried everything to get at it, including removing glove box, steering column and housing, but cant get any further. Does anyone have any ideas how to get to it please?
  2. Grande espace won't start

    Hi, my 3.0 diesel, auto g. Espace won't start. I pressed the start button, there was a strange noise and after that every time I try to press start/stop button it is met with silence. Start/stop button flashes and the Orange glow plug warning sign shows on dash. It was towed to a garage who said...
  3. Child lock on grande scenic

    Cars & motoring
    Hello. Does anyone know how to turn on the child locks on a Grande Megane scenic 58 plate ? It doesn***8217;t seem to be where the manual says it is !
  4. Grande Scenic 2006 Heater Blower not working

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi. My wife***8217;s car the heater blower not working I have removed glove box ect... To gain access to the electonics. The system on the this car is full climate control. So no heater knobs it***8217;s on done on the display. The fuse is good. I have 13 volts going to the motor. Have ye...
  5. Clio Grande failing to start

    Battery completely dead ... lights not left on. Details Battery terminal loose ... removed, replaced and tightened up Called home start and they put a power unit on Engine turned but would not fire Diagnostics showed fuel relay error and coil pack error No immobiliser and car has started...

    2007 RENAULT MEGANE Grande SCENIC 1.5 DCI 5DR I CENTRE CONSOLE & CARD READER AIR VENT Hi I have a renault Grande Scenic 57 plate 1.5D, and when I inset the ignition key i get the Card Not Detected error. It is the casing that holds the key in that has snapped round the edges and now the key...
  7. Grande Scenic camshaft sensor

    I have a Grande Scenic 1.6 petrol 2005 which has recently cut out a couple of times at in appropriate times...after about 20 mins it will re start. Got it in to have a diagnostic check and it came back with DF119 camshaft sensor signal....Looked at its location and seems simple enough to...
  8. Mk2 Ph1 Clio Grande - Not Starting

    So i bought this car for £50 and they told me it has a snapped cam belt so i got it towed home to have a look at it, on my way home from the persons house i put it in gear and the car started up, but as soon as i took it out of gear it died but i had no Braking and power steering. But if the...
  9. Electrical problems with Scenic Grande 7 seater

    I would appreciate your advice. Recently my Scenic Grande 7 seater has presented with a few issues when I start it up. The front passenger seat belt warning comes on meaning the alarm sounds for ~ 2 mins, the front air bag warning comes on too. Also when I switch the headlights to auto, the...
  10. 2007 grande scenic diesel cold start problem

    hi ,my car up to a few weeks ago was starting fine,then i went out one morning and found it took me 3 or 4 attempts while holding accelerator to start this morning the car wont start no matter what i do.heres whats happening,car starts runs for 5secs then dies.theres no errors on...
  11. grande scenic 2.0 low battery warning

    2004 grand scenic 2.0 vvt on 130k last week low battery warning light came on. car drove fine for a while until the mrs rang me saying shed lost all power to steering , etc.... I got home and stuck the key in, the car did start albeit a bit sluggish but no warning. so today I fiited a new...
  12. Clio MK2 Grande Headlight

    Bought a brand headlight a few months back, and I ain't happy with it. It seems to be loose and everytime I drive it vibrates on un even roads.. my one headLight is correct and the other is pointing more upwards and it effects other drivers as it's bright, I've use the controls inside the car...
  13. Clio MK2 Grande wheel Bearing!?

    I've checked my tires and can't find nothing wrong with tires, I go 60mph and my car makes a loud vibrating noise.. 64mph it'll stop! So before and after those mphs, it's fine. But lately I can hear whirling nose. My steering hasn't been affected.. people have said bearing. But I've checked, is...
  14. HELP! Clio Grande MK2 Gauge Problems!

    I have a Clio Grande 2000 1.2. It s just done over 100,000 miles. My Speedo (MPH Gauge) is knocking on and off. Some days it ll be fine and stop working for 2 minutes then back to normal. Then other days it ll work for about 10 minutes. Could anyone tell me what it is? People told me it s not...
  15. Renault Grande Espace 2012 Rear Seat Problem

    Hi Can anyone help me, i have a grande espace and one of my rear seats will not move backwards or forwards, it also will not come out, does anyone know how i can free it, it seems to be stuck fast. Thanks. Claire
  16. grande espace 2003 3.0d auto no gears help!!!

    Hi all my car won't go into gear 2003 grande space 3.0d auto. There is a solenoid under the auto gear selector which tells the car which gears its in and there is no power to it so it won't start won't move. mechanically the gearbox is fine. have run a diagnostic no faults!!! has anyone come...
  17. Middle seat stuck, grande scenic

    Hello, I'm new to the forum but hope you can help. We have a 2014 Grande Scenic. We lifted the seats into the upright position to allow us to load a large item. Upon removing the large item the middle seat fell, trapping some cloth between what I think are called anchorage points...big springy...
  18. Renault Clio 01 Grande 16v speedo, immobilizer, remote central locking problems

    Hello everyone, I've been having problems with a few things and it seems to be getting worse. Here's the story: It began maybe a year ago when maybe once a month, the immobilizer wouldn't let the car start. Taking the key out and trying again usually fixed it straight away. A few months ago...
  19. Clio Grande 2001 5dr Spoiler?

    I have recently bought a 2001 phase 2 Clio, I am wondering if there is any spoilers like from a 182 will fit my car? Or any small lips around, don't want it to look tatty, just slightly more pleasing on the rear. Thank you
  20. Grande scenic folding seats retrofit

    Right guys. Just bought a 2007 grande scenic 2.0 vvt auto. Didnt realise that it was a 5 seat. I personally thought all grands had 7 seats. But we bought it anyways as the price was too good. Anyways my question is if i got hold of a folding rear seat can it be fitted? I presume all the fixing...