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  1. Engines
    Hi all, I have previous come to you about a clutch issue which has since subsided. I now come to you with a query about engine grease and smells. My only other car was a leaky 52 plate Fiesta, so I can't gauge if it smells normal or not. I can't gauge the engine condition either. My car is a...
  2. Ask the Experts
    What type of grease is used on the drive shaft gaitor
  3. Transmissions
    Just replacing a driveshaft, I see I'm supposed to use Molykote BR2 type. I only have Comma LH and castrol PH as well as some brake grease. Do I really need to order the right stuff, as the job is a bit urgent. Thanks all.
  4. Steering and Suspension
    wife's car - Clio Mk2 2003 (drum at rear, not disc) has been making hollow noise lately from the back travelling up to front of car when she were driving so this weekend I jacked up the rear wheels , undone hand brake , spun wheels around. Passenger side run nice and smoothly , Drivers side was...
  5. Cars & motoring
    I am going to check the spark plugs on my mk11 megane 1.6 diaminque do I have to use special grease for refitting the coils
  6. Engines
    Hello I'd like to change my spark plugs, which I've never done before. My Haynes manual says that Renault recommends using a little fluorine grease in the coil boots before putting them back on. I've been searching my local greasemonkey shops and online but can't find it anywhere except one...
  7. Bodywork
    Can anyone recommend a grease for the door, hatchback and bonnet hinges ?
  8. Brakes/Hubs
    hello all, does anyone know what grease should be used on the sliding-pin of a brake caliper (kangoo-if it makes any difference). someone has mentioned a possible synthetic grease, but no name, so still don't know what to look for. i have found(as was also mentioned) that 'ordinary' grease eats...
  9. Bodywork
    Hi, I have some white Lithium grease for all my door hinges etc. But what grease do I use for bonnet catch mechanism and battery terminals? Thanks. Mark.
  10. Engines
    I put my W reg Renault Megane through its Mot today and it came back with an advisory notice saying "Grease on front hubs both sides **DANGEROUS**". I had a look and there is some black grease/dirt coating the inside of the wheel. Is this something I should be concerned about - it worries me...
  11. Interiors
    Can anyone please advise me as to which is the easiest and best way to clean the seats as they are looking very grubby!! Marisol :eek:
  12. Engines
    A couple of weeks ago, during a wheel change I noticed the inside of the wheel was covered in grease from the CV. (front far side). I didnt replenish the grease, and carried on with the wheel change. A few days ago, halfway through a journey, the ABS and Serv lights came on, but the brakes were...
  13. Wheels & tyres
    I was changing a wheel today but whenever i took it off the wheel nuts threads were covered in copper grease, why do garages use copper grease on wheel threads?
  14. Wheels & tyres
    can anyone advise me as to which is the best/proper grease for a wheelbearing with disc brakes fitted? thank you.:confused:
  15. Wheels & tyres
    Hi, I've just changed front pads on my Clio, 96 model, the ones with all the springs. There was a big difference in pad wear on the drivers side and on checking, the caliper was very stiff. Is copper grease alright to grease the pins, is this likely to solve the problem or any other tips...
  16. Wheels & tyres
    The saga with my little Clio continues... I popped to the local petrol station yesterday to get my tyre pressures set up for a long weekend of travelling around the country for my girlfriend to see Westlife, and when I went to do the front nearside tyre I noticed that the inside of my rim was...