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  1. Grinding noise when braking.

    I have a Renault Scenic (reg 11). The driving is fine, but when I brake at a low speed, there is a grinding noise from the rear passenger side. Whilst applying the brake at high speed, no such noise is heard. I’ll be taking the car to my local mechanic on Tuesday, but have to go to Heathrow on...
  2. Grinding Noise When Turning Left? (MEGANE III)

    Steering and Suspension
    I've recently noticed the car making a grinding noise when making left turns only. I plan to put the car on axle stands next week. What should I check for? I plan to wobble and rotate each front wheel to check for wheel bearing play, noise, resistance. If either noise or resistance is found, I...
  3. Grinding noise from front **Fixed**

    Hi jumoed in my car yesterday to take wife to work after about 2 miles there was suddenly a noise which first sounded like low pads but got worse to the point it sounded like someone was pushing the back plate onto the disc stopped and checked all secure no heat coming from the front discs and i...
  4. Renault scenic making grinding noise

    Hi guys, just bought a 2005 renault grand scenic, when I looked at the car and test drove everything seemed fine, drove it home about an hours journey it drove beautifully, was really impressed apart from a couple of issues like tracking etc I went to start it the other day after being stood for...
  5. Trafic 1.9d 1998 No Oil Pressure short grinding noise

    My Oil Filter seal failed. Whilst parked fortunately so still had oil in the engine when discovered and still had Oil pressure but was up on ramps and heard a loud gear type grinding sound so turned off engine immediately. I drained old oil. Renewed the filter and seal. Filled with new oil...
  6. Renault Clio 1.5dCi 2015 Grinding noise at 50MPH about 2k RPM

    Okay i'm not really sure if this is the right place to ask this. But about 2k RPM between 50-60 MPH i occasionally get a grinding noise, similar to what i would say sounds like something spinning grazing against something metal. No engine warning light or anything just the suspect noise, if i...
  7. M9R DCi 150 grinding noise

    Have had a search around on the forums for a while but cant find anything so thought i would sign up and ask for myself 2010 Laguna Coupe 2.0 DCi 150 (M9R engine) with about 105K on the clock. over the last few weeks ive noticed what can only be described as a "grinding" noise when im at low...
  8. Grinding / Screeching noise

    Hi all, Our 2013 Clio has just started to develop a grinding/screeching noise coming from the rear wheel/brake. Only seems to be the drivers side wheel, and only when the car is in reverse. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  9. Grinding Noise

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi There seems to be a grinding noise coming from the back left side/wheel of my Megane only when I make right turns......there is no noise whatsoever when turning left.....only when I make right turns.....don't think it's tge brake oads as when I break there us no grinding noise......All help...
  10. Grinding Noise in 1st & 2nd Gear - Megane 2006

    Hi, my Megane convertible makes a grinding noise when pulling away quickly in 1st and 2nd gear. It doesn't do it in higher gears and only does it once the car has warmed up, when the car is cold it doesn't make the noise. I have read some threads which suggest that this may be that the gearbox...
  11. Grinding noises

    Hi I'm new to this I have a Renault Megane 1.6 2003 mk2 Recently my car has been making some grinding noises while driving and stationery, it use to do it only in first gear but doing it all the time now but stops if I put the clutch in, from what I've Hurd already is that it may be the...
  12. Grinding down weld

    General Chat
    I realise this may sound a stupid question but I've found a welded plate in the boot of my Clio that hasn't been ground down & was wondering what grit a grinding disc would be best to smooth it into the existing bodywork
  13. Various Renault problems

    Hi All I have a RENAULT CLIO DYNAMIQUE (75) 16V, 2001-2005, 1149cc, 3 door hatchback, Manual, Petrol Car. I recently brought it in January. The past few months i have noticed every time i brake (most of the time when it hits around 15mph) the brake makes a grinding noise and fees like the...
  14. Grinding brakes

    Bought a megane recently, brakes ssem fine, then from out of the blue, when i put my foot on pedal theres a nasty grinding feeling, ive managed to pull over and pump the pedal then seems fine. Went to change brake discs about 5 days ago, found that the sensor rings where all bust up, thought...
  15. scenic low level grinding noise from front right wheel

    Hi my 1999 1.6 scenic megane has developed a low level grinding noise that sounds like coming from the front drivers side wheel, ive jacked the car up and span the wheel but cant here any noise and the wheel spins freely and cant see any play in the lower arm ball joint or track rod ends. Also...
  16. Grinding noise

    Steering and Suspension
    I have a 2004 Kangoo van. There is a noise from the rear axle when turning which sounds like grinding. It becomes more pronounced when turning left. Is this a bearing? If so could I change it myself?
  17. Renault Clio Grinding Noise on Startup

    Hi All, This is my first time on the forum so I hope this is all in order. I'm posting a YOUTUBE clip of a start up problem-main thing here is the noise involved which i hope some folks will recognize. Car is A Renault Clio Initiale (an Automatic). The problems are intermittent. When the...
  18. 1994 megane gearbox grinding noise 3rd @ 4th gears

    my 94 megane making terrible racket but only in [email protected] gears @ when i change up to them,if i f i drive car in 3rd or 4th from a standstill there is no noise from gearbox ,advise appreciated
  19. RX4 - Squeaking, now Grinding noise from front wheels

    After hearing the one of the wheels making a squeak sound every now and during certain turns, the squeak noise has just now turned into a a semi-permanent grinding noise. I presume that it's the pads that are no longer there, and it is metal on metal... Anyone pointers on this to help confirm...
  20. Laguna 2 Grinding Noise

    Hello everyone, I hope some one can help me with a new problem my laguna has developed. I am driving a 1.6 2001 Laguna 2 Ph1. The car has developed a grinding noise while turning right only. I have confirmed this by driving the car in circles to the left and right. It starts to happen when the...