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  1. Electronics
    Hi guys im trying to find a grommet..unused or used...a hole...just anything i can feed my power for amp through. I have a clio mk3 2008 1.5dci 3dr. pics would be greatly appreciated. thanks all Steve
  2. Bodywork
    Hi, New to the forum and posting for some advice after having picked up the above car as a runabout. It's in pretty decent nick for an older car, so I'm chuffed at that but there's a couple of niggles I need to sort out: - the bung/grommet/seal or whatever you want to cal it has disappeared...
  3. Interiors
    Hi does anybody happen to know the part number for the screw grommet that is used to hold the doors pull handle in place? or even better - where I may be able to buy one? thanks B.
  4. Steering and Suspension
    Hi Guys, Recently removed my Rear Coil/ Spring due to a knocking noise, to find a worn rubber grommet on the bottom of the Spring... Has anybody got any ideas what this is called? and where I can get one from? Thanks
  5. Electronics
    Gromet on Clio 3 - HEEEELLLLPPP!!! I've spent a sunny day burried in the footwell of my Clio once again. I'm loosing patience badly... just can't find a Gromet to run the power lead for my sub to. It's doing my head in.:mad: There appears to only be one in the whole car with every lead in...
  6. Bodywork
    Hi i have a 2003 scenic. i have water in the boot,it is coming through the grommet at top of the door where the electrics come through.As i open and close the door the grommet comes out and doesn't make a water tight seal. Any suggestions on how i can make it leak proof ? cheers in advance Fattony