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  1. Laguna Air Filter Box rubber grommets

    Morning All, Have been trying to locate new air filter box seating rubber grommets but not having a lot of success. Trying to eliminate a very irritating rattle from same and am guessing the rubber seating grommets have ' dried out'. Been to local Renault dealer but he could not find the parts...
  2. Kangoo Latch Screws & Trim Grommets etc

    Hello All, Im going to source a few screws and grommets etc from ebay as more than likely they may be cheaper than going direct to renault when i find time to do so. 1) The internal rear door lock latches that are top and bottom of both rear doors... Can someone give me the 'M' size and length...
  3. any unused grommets in clio firewall?

    Hi, does anybody who owns a mk2 phase 1 clio know if there is any unused grommets in the firewall so i can get my amp power cable into the engine bay? I cant seem to find 1 and really dont fancy drillng any holes in it lol.