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  1. Renault Laguna MK2 2006 Hatchback rear lights bad ground problem

    Hi there! Recently bought a Renault and after a day when I pushed the break, the little symbol of the rear fog light started to flash on my dashboard. It became continuous, so when i use my break, the fog lamp also turns on(both the symbol and the light). It also happens when I'm using the turn...
  2. DF232 Scenic 1.9 dci 2008 pressure sensor shorted to ground...*Solved*

    Heating & cooling
    As doing the MIL's Nissan note Air con - I decided to see why the scenic had stopped working too, basically compressor has seized - its not compressor clutch, as free wheels the centre is stuck solid - tried to turn with water pump pliers ... FFS!!!! and system has no pressure, was gassed last...
  3. Ground for sub in 2010 clio

    Hi, I***8217;ve got a 2010 Renault Clio and without drilling a hole where around the boot is best to ground my sub? Any suggestions are appreciated
  4. ACC cable & Ground touched

    I was replacing my car stereo in my Renault Laguna mk2 (2002) and the red ACC ignition control cable and the black ground/earth accidentally touched and I heard a popping sound like a fuse blew. Now the start/stop button dont work, and no lights except the little red dot lights up when I insert...
  5. Height of rear Clio seats from ground

    Hi Can anyone help? I have disabled aunt, with stunted growth and due to change motability car. Key now is the height of seat as transfer from wheelchair is by 'banana board' and if the seat height in car and wheelchair vary her carer struggles to help her transfer. Could anyone advise the...
  6. Lound front end rattle over uneven ground

    Steering and Suspension
    Megane Grand Scenic 1.9DCi Need a little help and hoping you come to same conclusion as me. I have an ever increasing rattle from the front end on bumps and uneven ground. Now so loud it sounds like something is about to fall off. Been growing for a year and had an MOT in that time...
  7. Locating of Ground points Megane 1 Ph2

    Where are the ground points in the drivers compartment located and how can I get access to them? I need a good ground connection for a new high current 12V outlet.
  8. Laguna 1 ground clearance

    Steering and Suspension
    My 2.0 litre, 16 valve Renault Laguna RTi has been fitted with new front suspension coils to pass its MOT. The unloaded ground clearance is the same front to back and side to side. Vaguely recall the as new Laguna 1 unloaded ground clearance was lower at the front. Is that correct and what is...
  9. 2006 GS Aerial ground issue

    Hello everyone, Recently purchased a Grand Scenic 2006 along with all the issues a 10 year old car has. I've identified what I believe is a bad ground on the Aerial as AM reception is bad while FM is acceptable. I've then checked this with a multimeter. Is there an easy fix for this or is it...
  10. 1.9 DCI - DF209 error permenant, short circuit to ground or open circuit???

    Hi guys I'm new on the forum, and with Renaults , but I hope some of you clever guys can help me with my problem. I got a 2004 Scenic II 1.9 DCi. Check emissions on the dash. Thought it was the EGR, so I removed it and cleaned it together with the water cooler. Cleared all error codes and...
  11. Coroded ground cable?

    My traffic van failed to start and all circuits were dead. The recovery vehicle tested the battery and found it to be good but couldn't trace the fault. I have since found a blown 60A fuse in poistion3 in the engine bay fuse box and also what looks like a thick ground cable waving loose in the...
  12. Ground point for subwoffer

    In-car entertainment
    Hi there new to the forum sorry if this is the wrong area Anyways I have looked for a ground point in my book and though the bolt for the rear seats was a good idea uniti I could not get them off. What is the next best option if ? Is there a factory ground point or would I have to drill a...
  13. Clio III - Metallic noise over rough/potholed ground.

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi there, I have a 2007 Clio III. Recently, when driving over rough ground or a pothole I am getting a loud metallic noise high up, somewhere near the steering wheel. It sounds like a set of keys jingling. It is louder when there is some steering on. I originally thought it was my keyring...
  14. ground points on megane

    can anyone tell me where all the ground points on megane 1 facelift 1.9dci? coz i went to clean my egr, as i put my socket on one of the bolts it sparked like it was live it also happened when i went to undo a bolt on the aircon pump!!! i did forget to disconnect battery on both occasions, but...
  15. Mercedes: Our feet are firmly on the ground

    Formula 1 news from Nico Rosberg's dominant win in China on Sunday, it would be easy for Mercedes to feel supremely confident ahead of this weekend's 2012 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix. The German team, however, aren't planning on...
  16. Megane 1998 H/b

    i have a 1998 renault megane hatchback with two problems, when i use the right turn signal, the brake light and turn signal flash. i originally thought this was just a bad bulb somewhere, but i have replaced every light bulb. (the left side works normal like it should do) and then there are two...
  17. Is this a good ground?

    Current ground is a bit poor, is this piece of metal part of the chassis?
  18. My,back,ground,

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi everyone I am new to this technology. Have just sold transit to spend gains on getting renault camper on road its been a year on my drive. I also ride a motor cycle cruiser to the gym. :oIn my spare time I race Karts. I intend on towing trailer with camper with Karts on to weekend venues. If...
  19. Ferrari: We need to keep our feet on the ground

    Formula 1 news Fernando Alonso claimed Ferrari's first victory of 2011 at Silverstone on Sunday, the mood at the Italian team's Maranello factory couldn't be better. But amidst the celebrations and congratulations, President Luca di Montezemolo...
  20. Ground Clearance Scenic II 1.9 DCi

    Wheels & tyres
    Dear All, Some time back I have aquired the above vehicle and overall, Im very happy with the vehicle. I however experience one negative aspect that allready costed me some mayor bucks and thats the very low ground clearance of my Scenic ( ie only 120 mm). In South africa the road infra...