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  1. Ground Clearance Scenic II 1.9 DCi

    Wheels & tyres
    Dear All, Some time back I have aquired the above vehicle and overall, Im very happy with the vehicle. I however experience one negative aspect that allready costed me some mayor bucks and thats the very low ground clearance of my Scenic ( ie only 120 mm). In South africa the road infra...
  2. Have a Blown a fuse? HELP please !?

    i had my amp wired up and working for a few months. ive just a bought a new amp and sub, while mucking around in the boot. i found that the ground cable came out from where i connected it to, and the metal ring is still attached to where ever i earthed it. i put the wire next to bare metal, then...
  3. Ground effect, turbos set for F1 return

    Formula 1 news
    Formula 1 teams are closing in on finalising all-new regulations for 2013 that will likely see a return of ground effect cars and turbo engines - as the sport witnessed in the early 1980's. Several think-tank Working Groups have been set up to get consensus on moves to improve the spectacle of...
  4. solid ground wire

    hi,ive got an aftermarket control unit thats got a solid ground wire connection,does that mean its got to be screwed to car body or can it connect to battery negative,thanks pru
  5. Renault Megane 1 - New Springs,Now Too High?

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, I have year 2000 renault megane cabriolet and wondered if anyone knows what the ground clearance should be from the bottom of the spoiler/splitter to the ground. The reason for the question is I have just had new springs on the front fitted and it seems the front end is high. The gap between...
  6. Does Renault Have 12v DC Negative Ground Electric System

    Hi thanks for taking a look at this as the heading say does renault have this or not as i have and extra clifford alarm voice warning system module i would like to buy and the car has to be as the heading says,iam sure it does but i have a little niggle that says no cheers Donald.
  7. Microsoft's tabletop computer breaks creative ground

    Computer Club