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    im replacing a rear axle on a 206 gti. any one done one trailing are bearing collapsed on drivers side so replaceing rear beam with a replacement of a another 206 gti. done one on a 306 but not a 206 any tricks i should know truckerboy
  2. Cars
    i have been in a 206 gti they go well fast engine noise really loud they are really good but its just to loud not like my renault it is very quiet when u put it in fifth in the renault when doing 30mph it goes really quiet but if u did that in a 206 it will be really loud:d:d:d:d:d
  3. Other makes
    Hi, I did try to post this in the Clio section but i do not have permission to post in that section yet... I am considering buying a Clio 182 cup, but i have also been considering the 206 gti. I prefer the looks of the peugeot but understand that the Clio is supposed to be the better performer...
  4. My mottah!
    I know its not a Renault But hey at least its french!:o It's my 1990 Peugeot 205 1.6 GTI. 98780 miles Paid £1000 for it. When i was going to sell it, i would have got about £4000 for it. They are as rare as hens teeth round here. The only mods i have done so fare is a new cylinder head(old one...