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  1. Engines
    Hi there all , I have a 57 plate scenic 1.5dci, the problem is when I start the engine the temp guage shows engine overheating and the cooling fans start. I have changed the temp sensor. Any help please,
  2. Heating & cooling
    so the last few days i know its been cold but the temp guage has been a little erratic. it comes to temp no probs with the 1st bar on the guage and then happily fills in the rest to the middle as normal. i then get either half way down the motorway to my partners so about 30 miles or off the...
  3. Electronics
    I have a 12 fluence 1.5 DCI,and the temperature guage in the dash registers one bar only when up to operating temperature.Is this the normal reading or is something amiss(as an aside,it seems to be drinking fuel)
  4. Electronics
    Hi again I had the fuel warning light on in a Clio 1 1.9D 1991. I put about 10 litres in the tank but the needle is only just on the red line. Is this normal. Can I check both the guage or meter in situ? Cheers R
  5. Electronics
    My electronic fuel gauge seems to have stopped working, it is like it 'freezes'. it was stuck on full for several days. So, I disconnected the battery so see if it would reset, I thought I had solved it, as it lost two bars on the display. But then, it stayed like this for several more days. So...
  6. Electronics
    Hi All the options work in my Scenic RX4, but I noticed when I am driving the fuel estimator keeps flashing dotted lines and does not give me a reading of how much fuel I have estimated before the next fill up. All the other options in the onboard computer work As well, I did as the manual...
  7. Electronics
    I have a 2001 1.4 scenic and the fuel gauge just has a mind of its own. It just goes and stops where it wants. Then a few days ago when I was putting fuel in the car the pumpwas stopping like the tank is full but it isn't full has anyone any ideas
  8. Heating & cooling
    Hi everyone, Can anyone help with these questions regarding a diesel 1.5 cDi. 1. How long or how far should I need to travel for the engine temperature gauge to show the engine is at operating temperature? Mine can often take 20 minutes for the bar to move up to its operating line. I once drove...
  9. Engines
    Hi, my 1999 scenic`s temperature gauge only works intermittently and what appears to be randomly,also the heater seems to have a mind of its own. No overheating problems.
  10. Electronics
    Couple of questions.... Which wing mirror is the thermometer sensor in ? Been getting weird readings all year, but want it right for the winter now coming again etc I have read the wires could be shorting going from the mirror into the door etc.... Anyone know the voltage / spec of the...
  11. Engines
    Hello all my first post. My ex has bought a 2007 Kangoo its a 1.6 petrol. Problem is the fuel guage its got the led bar type. Its very erratic. It was filled up took £39. A week or so later we were going so I checked miles to fuel up on the computer it said 68 mls. as we wee going approx...
  12. Engines
    Hi all-just bought a megane convertible mk 1 as a project car-just about completed all the jobs except the fuel guage seems to be stuck on three quarters regardless how much fuel is in tank-the trip computer is working normally-any ideas?
  13. Engines
    My engine temp guage rises quickly to just below half but then never moves any higher. I have checked true temp with independant means and the fan cuts in normally at about 85'. Anyone any suggestions? Also I struggle to achieve anything better than 30mpg - is this normal?
  14. Heating & cooling
    Hi guys looking for a bit of advice, the temperature guage on my 2000 1.6 sport laguna sit between half way and three quarters just want to know if this is normal as this my first renault thanks:confused:
  15. Electronics
    Hi there, I recently replaced my built in stereo with another built in stereo from the same model clio. I dont know if the above has anything to do with the problem I am having with my digital fuel guage, but you may need to know anyway. Basically, the manual fuel guage seems to be working...
  16. Electronics
    I have a Megane II (2003, 1.4 16v) whose fuel guage has become... indecisive! I filled up with fuel at the weekend and the guage showed 3/4 full (bit odd as the pump clicked off suggesting tank was full), then drove 30 miles and the guage was 1/4 full. Stopped, checked for fuel gushing out...
  17. Electronics
    Hi, my Renault Kangoo's fuel guage doesn't work. The car has had a wheelchair conversion which means that I have to drop the fuel tank to get at the sender unit, which I would like to avoid if possible. The fuel warning light seems to be operative. Do they work independently, or does this mean...
  18. Electronics
    hello, i have a espace mk2 1994. the fuel guage was working fine yesterday, the fuel light come on so i put £40 in it and it only goes up to just above the red, so i put another £10 pound in but still no further, i have tested the guage and it goes up. would it be the sender inside the tank if...
  19. Electronics
    i have a 1.6 megan karmann and the guage is at red i filled it thinking i needed petrol but the gauge is still showind red
  20. Electronics
    My temperature guage has started to move up and down, then stops in the engine off position. When the start button is pressed, it takes 10-15 seconds to start the engine. the cruise control works after a few presses. the car loses power and then regains it. all this in the last week. My car is a...