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  1. Tools & equipment
    does anyone know where i might be able to get a PDF guide on the use of can clip. I have it installed and talking to car (it comes up with faults in various systems) but does not give any info as to the fault codes. I did not dig to far into system thinking do bit of home work first. I can find...
  2. Steering and Suspension
    Hello everyone i am Dan Chapple and i make.. How to guides on Youtube My channel name is FL4ME WITH A 4.. and here are my Videos so far.. How to replace Driveshafts. How to replace Steering rack gaiters and Tie Rod ends..
  3. Engines
    Hi, Mitsubishi lisences the F9Q 1'9DCI engine from Renault I have Mitshubitshies overhaul manual. dere there is a tool for guiding the new valve guides into the cylinder head. anyone knows where to by these tools Regards from denmark
  4. Cars & motoring
    Hello, I bought my ex-lease Laguna 2 with barely any manuals at all, it did however have a fully documented service history for me to read. I was wondering if there is anywhere I could download the Alarm and SatNav manuals for this car?. Any help greatly appreciated. Nige
  5. Clio
    Renault Clio - Buyer's Guides - Clio III - Official Renault "Wallpaper" + Tech specifications Oh and the Technical specifications
  6. Laguna
    Renault Laguna I - Phase 2 - Buyer's Guides - Concorde Edition Buyers Guide - More Info Wanted Hello trying to find out more about this late model Laguna I Badged Concorde they came with all the best kit. Can be found in Ireland I think ?
  7. Laguna
    I have read with interest the thread concerning oil specifications. This was after I purchased my latest car, which is a Laguna 1.8 16v Authentique Automatic 2002 vintage with 39000 miles on the clock. Changing the oil in all my previous cars was done at 6000 miles. So I thought I should look...
  8. Laguna
    Does anyone know where best (i.e. cheapest on the net) to get a Laguna II haynes manual?? My pops unfortunately purchased himself a 1.8 dynamique estate and even all the info on here isn't enough. Thoughts i'd buy him a pressie :rofl:
  9. Laguna
    Renault Laguna II - Phase 1 - Buyer's Guides - V6 Variant - Member Opinions and Buyers Advice Good evening all, first post so here goes. At the moment i have a laguna v6 1995 baccara, i have had the car since early 97 its not been much trouble just fair ware & tear tyre's exhaust etc and one...
  10. Laguna
    I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee at the mo (2.5 TD) that im selling and going to buy a Laguna. I have seen a nice 1.9 initiale tourer for £9k from a dealer, but plan to get at least £500 off that price. My problem is i have seen the a same spec and year 2.2 DCI for £6k!!!!! Not from a dealer so no...
  11. Laguna
    Renault Laguna II - Phase 1 - Buyer's Guides - Member Opinions of the available Engine range I am looking at getting a 2002 laguna initiale but not sure exactly which engine will be best for me? 2.0 16v petrol or 1.9 dci diesel I drive to work every day across town and its about 15 mile...
  12. Espace
    Hi All, I shall soon be taking the plunge...... I am going to be buying either a Grand Espace 2.2 DCI Auto Privilege or the Initiale ( used ) depending on the price. I have around £18000 to spend although I would go higher for the Initiale. Of course I want the earth (insomuch as having all...
  13. Laguna
    Renault Laguna II - Phase 2 ( 2005 onwards ) - Buyer's Guides - Owners & member opinions. just to say hello to one and all :)
  14. Clio
    My car has now been on order since May. Was originally supposed to take delivery of my 182 the 24th Oct, then the 4th Nov. Received a call from Renault UK last Monday saying that the vehicle is going to stay in Dieppe for the forseable future. Renault are experiencing Trim Panel problems...
  15. Scenic
    Can anyone advise us pls? We have paid a £200 deposit on a 1998 Renault Scenic (Automatic) but have now heard negative comments about the auto gearbox. Any advice would be gratefully rec'd!
  16. Espace
    Hi All, I bought an Espace about 4 months ago and would love to have an "Owners Manual" for it. There are a lot of things happening on trhe dash that I know nothing about etc., Even simple little things like Tyre pressure. They seem to be OK on 35lb/sqr", but it would be nice to know all...
  17. Laguna
    Renault Laguna II - Phase 1 - Buyer's Guides - Going to europe ? Headlight Protectors (with beam deflectors) For any of you with a Laguna II, works with Xenon lamps as well. I would have snapped these up if I didn't already have some. A very quick and effecient method of converting headlight...
  18. Other models
    If anyone have Renault Safrane Phase 2 spare parts or know where this car is breaking up, please let me know, thanks a lot.
  19. Megane
    I am planning to get a new (or fairly new) car soon, but my requirements severly restrict my choice. I want a car that: a) Gives a really smooth ride over bad English roads b) Has light steering when parking c) Has comfortable seats d) Is a diesel e) Is an automatic f) Has excellent fuel...
  20. Laguna
    Renault Laguna II - Phase 1 - Buyer's Guides - Members Buyers Guide & Members Tyre Advice My Laguna II dCi Dynamique has been the most comfortable, well finished car I've ever had. But I'd never buy another! (And I pity whoever buys it second-hand!) There are annoying rattles and squeeks from...
1-20 of 22 Results