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  1. Guilty or not guilty

    General Chat
    Some of the fun threads seem to be reviving a bit, so how's about a new one? This seems popular in a few other places. It's "Guilty or not guilty" - you ask a question, and whoever responds has to answer and then ask another question. Pointless, but then that's what the fun threads are about...
  2. Guilty Pleasures

    inspired by Lagtdi's shock admission on the favorite tracks thread....Guilty Pleasures come on what musical skeletons have you got hidden away? to start the ball rolling
  3. Pirate Bay .. Guilty

    Computer Club
    In an appalling judgement the 4 people accused of making copyright material available have been found guilty and sent to jail. They will also probably be in debt for the rest of their lives. The complainants in the case have all built up businesses based on freely published academic material and...
  4. Rhys Jones accused - GUILTY

    General Chat
    At last, some justice and hopefully some closure for the family
  5. Guilty pleasures

    General Chat
    what are your guilty pleasures? it could be anything you keep quietly to yourself, a TV show, music, a pastime or... to start the ball rolling, i'm really enjoying driving a Volvo estate:o (man i must be getting old!) another one is watching Grease, after all these years i still love it:)