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  1. Engines
    Hi - I have just got a used Clio II 1200 16v Sensation. and noticed an unusual sound from the engine (why on earth dont you hear these things when you are taking these things out for a test drive!) - anyway, it was on my drive today and then engine was normal temperature. This noise is coming...
  2. Engines
    1.5 dci megane, 05 Known faults: injector fault, stop, when accelerating, back to normal when easing of the gas: done leak test one injector returning too much fuel another to little, about 40% of the other two: Need to clean/purge/replace. New problem: took longer to start this morning, and...
  3. Bodywork
    HI Guys & Girls, I apologies if i have put this post in the wrong area, im newbie. I want to spray my alloys this gt colour, atm they are the standerd light gt colour. But i really want the grey from this blue megane. I am after the colour code. Thanks in advance
  4. Cars & motoring
    Anybody got or used one of those laser infered thermometer guns, kids want to know what to buy for my birthday, and i thought one of these might be useful addition to the toolkit. Seen a few on ebay for about £25, it say's professional type.