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  1. Evening guys and dolls

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    Evening peoples, 2017 Traifc sport driver here from Hertfordshire, thought I***8217;d stop by and say hello, had renaults for years normally swap the van out every couple of years. Anyway just thought I***8217;d say hi
  2. Hello guys and girls

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Short HELLO from me, a new user here in the forum. I'm from Switzerland, and own a Renault Megane I 1.6 16V Grandtour with automatic transmission (car has 146'000km). I'm not a professional and also sometimes my english may be not so good, as in my country we speak german, french or italian. I...
  3. Hi guys need your help please

    Ask the Experts
    First time poster on here and love how many people help each other out. The 2 things I'm plaqued with are a sunroof that rattles I've changed the runners, greased them all nicely but when it's cold it rattles its nuts off. Now the boot is playing up. Changed both switch and lock and still wontt...
  4. Hi guys 2004 grand scenic owner here

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    If I'm honest I was a little dubious about getting a Renault but I'm pleasantly surprised!
  5. Hi Guys!!

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    Hi there, My name is Alan.I own a 2007 silver Laguna 2 gt185 sport tourer remapped to approx 215 bhp.It is my favourite car ever owned.Fast and economical(ish)!!!!
  6. Grand Modus - Violent Shaking!!!

    Hello Guys and girls and whoever you are. I think I am posting this in the wrong place so I might get shouted at, but I wonder if I can pick your brains. My mom has a grand modus, 11 plate, not to shabby of a car, but every time she turns left there is a knocking noise for which I have heard...
  7. Hi Guys, just saying hello

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi All. Thankfully and finally, I've been able to register on the forum. I have to tell you right away that I'm an auto electrician, and I spend my time generally fixing the pesky electronic handbrakes. Due to that work, we have become pretty competent and familiar with all sorts of electrical...
  8. hi guys, its been a while.

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    several years in fact since i sold my laguna.... and now i've bought another mid 2005 1.9dci dynamique sports tourer for £100 it was advertised as spares or repair because he couldn't get it into gear, i had a good look at it, he agreed to be the 'towed' driver so i could get it home, then...
  9. Hi guys need a lil help

    Hey need some help with a koleos issue its a 2009 2ltr diesel 2wd and the problems are it died yesterday at the traffic lights and had to push it out of the way so after a slight oil smell and will not restart or even turn over the fans stay on even with no card inserted and the ignition wont...
  10. Hi guys :)

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    Hi everyone thanks for adding me. I wish I was only joining for the banter but my car has problems! a good few of them!
  11. Hi guys and gals

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi everyone, just purchased a 2015 Renault Trafic. I look forward to enjoying participating in this forum.
  12. Hi Guys and Gals

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi Everyone, Just joined, I was given a Espace 2001 3lt V6 auto, a year ago, so the wife has had it registered and LPG ed in Romania (less than half the cost of here) and it will be our holiday car in Romania. I need some help with getting, sat nav, hands free and a reversing camera, maybe...
  13. Thanks guys for letting me join

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    Own a Renault master adria motorhome 2006 and a renault scenic:smile2:
  14. Soooo glad you guys n gals are out there

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    Hi all. Ive just bought a Trafic T1100D to convert to a camper. His name is Wilf and hes fab. I joined today to try and get help with a fuel leak. I was delighted to find you as there appears to be no manual for the '94 trafic "diesel" Safe travels one and all. Mandymoo
  15. Hi guys

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    Hi guys, I am from Australia and we have a RS CLIO EDC , 172 and a GT220. I look forward to using the site! Thanks
  16. Hi guys!

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    I've "just" bought (ok, it was already a month ago) a Clio III 1.5 dCi. It's my first Renault, and so far I'm loving it. Hope to find some help here, as well help other users.
  17. Hi guys

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi guys, Im not new here but this is a new account as I can't remember my old one (It's been awhile). Hope you are all ok
  18. Really Need Help Guys- Draining Battery

    Hi Guys, I have Clio 07 plate. Something keeps draining my battery. I have had 3 new battery's in the last year. It's not the alternator that's been checked. It's not an internal light being left on. Any ideas what might be causing my battery to drain? Thank You
  19. Hi Guys

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    Morning Guys, Thought I'd join up this morning after picking up my Laguna Coupe last night. I had owned an Inferno Clio 182 prior for around 3.5years and managed a few track days out of it. I'll get a photo uploaded shortly. Cheers Simon
  20. hi guys

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi guys great looking forum..but needing advice on a renault kangoo