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  1. Modus
    Hello Guys and girls and whoever you are. I think I am posting this in the wrong place so I might get shouted at, but I wonder if I can pick your brains. My mom has a grand modus, 11 plate, not to shabby of a car, but every time she turns left there is a knocking noise for which I have heard...
  2. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi guys, I am from Australia and we have a RS CLIO EDC , 172 and a GT220. I look forward to using the site! Thanks
  3. Electronics
    Hi Team, Wouldn't post and ask for help unless I was truly desperate!! So I'm New to Renault clio's and despite having worked on many cars before this issue is driving me mad! :( I recently (2 days ago) bought a mk3 Renault Clio RipCurl 1.2 Dynamic.. I got it for a fair price, it had service...
  4. Electronics
    Hi I could do with some advice please, iv got a few problems with my grand scenic: firstly, I damaged airbag sqib, I replaced it with salvage part, still air bag light remains on,I bought a icarsoft i907 scanner, which tells me I have a short on drivers air bag secondly I have check injection on...
  5. Engines
    i purchased the megane mk2 1.5dci on 22 of nov. had injector fault probs since. but its never stalled or cut out. just warning on dash. been to dealer and had diag.. they said i need a leak off test at £108 lol. anyways seen a few peeps do it on youtube so as i get panel off i noticed discolour...
  6. Other makes
    hi guys i know this is a renault forum but your always pulling me out the mire, so i thought id give it a pop my sons 106 1996 i need a picture of the bottom pully at tdc, ive read the manual but it really dont make much sense it tells me to use a 6mm bolt on the flywheel ? to aline the...
1-6 of 34 Results