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  1. mot at halfords, failed, not sure if dodgy

    Cars & motoring
    hello, i failed my mot yesterday. i got: do not drive until repaired two tyres under 1.6mm repair immediately: headlamp lens seriously defective offside, nearside headlamp aim projected beam image is obviously incorrect both sides anti roll bar linkage pin or bush worn repair as soon as...
  2. Halfords Advanced Spanners

    For sale
    Obviously no good to me anymore but may be of use to someone on here. I’ve got brand new set of Halfords Lifetime Guarante Advanced Flexhead Rachet Spanner’s. £30 Pickup only though really due to weight.
  3. Halfords

    General Chat
    Free check at Halfords,, wonder if they will give my baby the once over..
  4. Possible Halfords track rod end repair too expensive?

    Steering and Suspension
    I have a 2008 Scenic and got an 'amber' warning for a track rod end after a recent MOT. I was advised that the "offside inner track rod end worn to excess". The mechanic did show me that the whole wheel did move slightly and has made me a bit concerned that it may get worse. To repair it they...
  5. Halfords Bargain

    General Chat
    Well I called in today to my local Halfords to get some Rain X but I cant justify spending £7 on a 200ml bottle:eek: So after looking round came across there own make for £2 :cool: for 250ml and even if it needs to be applied a bit more often I still think its going to be a bargain...
  6. Halfords selling Haynes manuals �5

    General Chat
    Halfords selling Haynes manuals £5 Nothing else to say really except you can check on line if your local store as the one you want, they will reserve it for you, and all the best for the festive season.
  7. Radio display is always on

    Hi, I've read this thread - - but I think my problem may be slightly different. I've noticed that since I had an after market radio (a Kenwood with stalk adaptor kit fitted by Halfords) installed the display (which now reads...
  8. halfords tool box offer

    General Chat
    saw this on another forum...
  9. What's your thought on this from Halfords

    Tools & equipment
    Hi all, What's your thought on this for working on and under a Megane Scenic? Five Piece Lifting Kit I.E. would the jack be big enough to lift the ca?r, would the axle stands hold the weight?, never purchased something like this so just asking before buying. Hugh
  10. Halfords

    General Chat
    needed a set of front wiper blades for my scenic and thought that even halfords could get that right but how wrong was i. the first 4 sets they tried missed bits of the screen so i showed them a post on here that states the wiper sizes and the guy in halfords said that it was wrong. after...
  11. Megane 04 1.5 dci Drive belt in halfords?

    Cant find a drive belt in halfords for my megane does anybody know what the part number is please
  12. halfords

    Exterior styling
    halfords repair scratch kit has boloxed up the side of my car, anything that can remedy this?
  13. Halfords Web Site

    General Chat
    Evening all, Does anyone know whats happened to the Halfords website?? Been trying over the last 24hrs!!!
  14. Halfords High Mount Bike Rack - Information Needed

    Cars & motoring
    Hi Everyone, Does anyone else a Halfords High Mount bike rack? I have lost my instructions and don't know what kit and what position it needs to be in to fit my Megane III. Would anyone with this rack be able to point me in the right direction?? Many Thanks :o
  15. Halfords engine oil any good?

    I have had my scenic 2004 1.5dci for a month now and am thinking about changing the oil i have been advised to use 5W/40 Fully Synthetic and have seen this at halfords...
  16. Using A Well Known High Street Retailers Fitting Service

    i used it he took ages wiper blades for my scenic cost 37.99:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: EDIT;Thread title changed due to naming and shaming rules, Many thanks, The Mod Team
  17. D69 Halfords spary paint

    On repairing scuff marks on my son's Renault Clio II 2005, checked the paint code TED69 and purchased spray Aerosol from Halfords, (D69, Mercury Silver), unfortunately I found the paint is not a true match (darker, even after considerable shaking), Can anybody comment on this, Is this the...
  18. paint code on my laguna doesnt correspond with halfords paint

    Hi there can anyone help me, I have a 1998 (S) Reg Laguna and the paint code number does not correspond with the colour I had made up at Halfords, which they made up from the code I gave them, the colour is so not even near the original, what do I do now? can anyone give me advice please, Thanks
  19. Paint Colour Code + Halfords

    I need some help, quite simply I went to halfords to look for a scratch and chip repair kit that is colour coded to my Clio, and I could not find the code (632) on their manufacturer's list under Renault. There seemed to be a gap of 6 years for the Clio colour codes. Anyone help me to find out...
  20. Trade Card Halfords

    Cars & motoring
    If you fancy saving youself some cash on tools and car parts if you work in the motor trade of any kind go along to any halfords with a wage slip with name of company on and ask for a trade card its a personal card not a compnay one its just a discount card some items you can get upto...