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  1. Hand brake wiring R2 plug problem

    Hi, I'll get straight to the point, the R2 plug had been cut out but I think they have some of the wires incorrect. Does any one know the wiring colours, I trace the 10 wires from the parking brake to where the R2 plug was. The hand brake releases and comes on with the hand brake switch. It does...
  2. fitting second hand abs unit scenic mk3 ( Sorted )

    Ask the Experts
    hi any body know when fitting a second hand complete abs unit on scenic mk3 what will happen other than the mileage and vin number showing up different . any reason why it should not work and not bring faults up on the dash. thanks in advance, mostyn3
  3. HELP! Laguna Mk3 (Coupe) RIght hand side, tail, number plate lights not working

    Help. Dodgy number plate bulb, changed it, now all the right hand side lights, tail lights and number plate are not working. Has to be a fuse, but whre? Nothing obvious in the glovebox, teh engine fusebox just has half a dozen big fuses. HELP!!!!!
  4. left hand drive Renault trafic 1997

    Ask the Experts
    will a Renault trafic french van be a good donor van for uk model ie engine gearbox straight swap.power steering. straight install .any other problem might arise .my son has found one in france Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  5. Espace electric hand brake

    Renault Espace iv, been told by dealer that box that controls the electric hand brake needs replaced. Service light comes on every time I start the car, no hand brake either with engine or manual operation. The cost is €420 for the control box, is this correct???
  6. Hand break fault

    Scenic hand break fault check parking break please help no hand break
  7. Trafic 2002 no hand brake rear wheel **Sorted**

    I have a Trafic with no hand brake on the rear wheel. The cables are new, and I can see that the lever on the caliper moves fully and goes all the way to mechanical stop. I noticed that the pads were worn, in particular the inner one, and since I happened to have a new pair, I tried with new...
  8. Meganè Scenic 1.9 dCi second hand engine price?

    Hi guys had a few little problems with my car of late and just haven***8217;t got the money or time to put them right so I***8217;m just going to cut my losses and sell the car as spairs/repairs unless someone comes along who has the time to put it right. I was wondering how much the engine...
  9. Left hand drive headlights?

    My car went in for its MOT last week, it failed on a couple of things and the headlight aim too low. All the faults were rectified, took it back and the MOT tester said that my headlights 'kick' or spread to the wrong side. Another garage said similar last week, that I had 'French' headlights. I...
  10. Laguna 2 right hand buckle pretensioner

    Hi friends, My Laguna 2 year 2003 has an illuminating airbag light in the display. Diagnose shows error code DF073. I have checked all the connections under the seat, and even soldered the connections together (it worked on the opposite side when the same problem occured). My question: I...
  11. Hand brake adjustment

    Hi All wonder if any one can tell me where the handbrake adjusts from on a 57 plate Renault Clio car the videos on you tube are not very helpful cause I***8217;m not to sure what Mk the car is I think it could be Mk 3 or 4 can anyone help
  12. Hand brake on renault grand scenic

    Help... my Renault grand scenic hand brake won't lock in. Iv pulled the parking one as it's usually automatic also the emergency one and the back and nothing. It will work but as soon as it's used for 20 mins or so bam won't do it. Help
  13. Espace iv electric hand brake **Fixed**

    Quick update on my handbrake issue where it would constantly click after stopping the car or would not release properly. Easiest fix ever. The dashboard release lever has a small piece of flash left on it from the molding process that rubs the slide mechanism, this then pushes the release...
  14. Megane Tourer hand brake question

    I got up this morning and the handbrake had no travel, it went from say off up to lock but without any tension till it got to the top of the travel then it rachet the last couple then locks. When I took it off it slightly blinded the brakes. I then googled it to see were abouts the tension bolt...
  15. Both Hand Brake Cables Poor Condition? (Megane MKIII)

    A MKIII Megane for sale has "Both Hand Brake Cables Poor Condition" as an advisory. Parking brake is also only making 17% efficiency. It's a garage selling the Megane. I asked them about these advisories. They said they've redone the MOT, braking is well within MOT standards and the cable's...
  16. Grand Scenic hand brake faulty but no dashboard notifications

    Hi All :smile2: I have spent the better part of the last two days reading up almost everything here about electronic hand brake problems and solutions (a bit of change from my usual gardening and cooking). All very informative but... first thing I realised - although I have intermittently...
  17. Foreign made cars and right hand drive

    General Chat
    Has anyone noticed us that drive foreign made cars in Britain get screwed over by foreign car makers in terms of car design and function through foreign design on some cars being specifically designed for the left hand driving position yet marketed in Britain ? It's when I noticed my rather...

    I HAVE A 2005 LUGUNA EXPRESSION THINK MIGHT BE PHASE FIRST REGERSTERD IN MAY 2005 IT HAS AN ELECTRONIC Hand brake as the computer is not working yet can I change the back discs and pads can I wind caliper out or does it need to be done through the computer hope some one can help, please
  19. Metallic screech left hand bends?

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi 02 Megane Scenic Dynamique 2 litre now making a metallic screech on long left hand bends. Is this most likely wheel bearings please? Had new pads on front rh wheel a month ago but noise only just started. Is there a thin brake shield on these models? Had new steering rack last year and...
  20. electronic hand brake rewind

    General Chat
    i was unable as i dont have permission to post in other models to post this there :laugh: any way i have never had to change pads /disks on one its a mereva B 1.4 petrol se any one have the info or a step by step guide so i dont b****r it up the launch crp129 seems to have it under meriva B...