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  1. Second hand newbie!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Although this is my first post, I have been a member since last June. I have never needed to post on here before because I can always find the answer somewhere on this forum. Just like to say a big thank you to all the people that run this site and to all the brilliant answers to the problems...
  2. laguna hand book

    Cars & motoring
    Does anyone know where I can get a handbook (not the repair manual) for a 2002 laguna dymanique 1.6 other than from the dealer. I dont have a local one. thanks
  3. left or right hand thread

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi, I need to change the rear brake pads on our Renault scenic mk2 1.5 dci 2005 reg, i see i need a " push back tool" which i can get from a local car spares shop but i need to find out if the piston is either a left or right hand to make sure i get the correct tool. can any one please advise...
  4. Just taken my 2nd Hand Scenic to Service.. can't remove wheels

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi All, Just taken my 2nd hand 54 Scenic to get serviced after a year of ownership, and I have just had a call from them saying they cant find the security nut to remove the wheels. Now as I have never needed to remove a wheel from the car, I want even aware of the "amazing" security feature...
  5. fan fault now repaired but come back with a hand brake that doesn't auto release

    Despite the credit crunch, today I parted with £230 to repair cabin fan that WAS only functioning on #3. During payment the boss man says 'oh your service light came on on the handbrake whilst we had your dashboard out to repair the fan switch' Has this repair caused the handbrake...
  6. Caravan Second Hand price Guide

    Towing & Touring Club
    Hi could anyone help please i have found plenty of second hand car price guides but does anyone know of a good caravan link to second hand prices,your help would be great cheers Donald:)
  7. Grand Scenic Hand Brake

    Wheels & tyres
    I have a '57' plate Grand Scenic that has the electric hand brake and was wondering if it can be released for recovery purposes? Does anyone know if there are any safety devices that will automatically put the brakes on whilist it is being towed?
  8. Right hand indicator always on

    A problem arose on my 2003 clio a few months ago whereby the right hand indicator would activate when I put up the driver's side window. This has now developed to the point where the indicator is always on. I'm pretty sure the two problems must be connected. Does anyone know where my problem...
  9. second hand seats fitted airbag light on

    hi i have just fitted half leather seats into my laguna but now my airbag light is on how do i fix this does anyone know thanks
  10. Warning about second hand radios

    I recently bought a second hand radio for my 04 plate Scenic off ebay. It was an 'update list' model which appeared to be the correct model for my car, correct aperture size, correct pin connector layout etc. The only problem was when I connected the wiring there was no display on the dash. I...
  11. Left Hand Drive Conversion

    General Chat
    :crazy: Name the Car anyone ?
  12. Espace - Hand brake intermittent faulting

    Wheels & tyres
    Hello everybody, nice to be a newby! Am posting as I have intermittent service light issues with my 03 espace. All looks good at hub ends (pads etc). Working ok though. Is it just adjustment in the "black box" for the hand brake or am I opening a can of worms??? Any help greatfully received.
  13. Helping Hand

    Jokes & funny stuff
    A Welsh man walking through a field, sees a man drinking water from a pool with his hand. The Welsh man shouts "Paid a yfed y dwr mae'r gwartheg yn cachi yn y dwr" (Don't drink the water, it's full of cow sh*t.) The man shouts back "I'm English, Speak English, I don't understand you". The Welsh...
  14. Think Safety when buying second hand Parts

    Cars & motoring
    Hi to all,we all have done it and many still do and that is buy second hand parts from breakers yard i do,i have worked for a breakers in NI for many years and as much as it is great to get a part from a breakers yard from a near new car for half the price this is the point i would like to make...
  15. right hand side lights

    hello my right hand side lights front and back have stoped working. checked fuses in the fuses box ,checked side light bulbs front and back and replaced them still dont work.can any body help?the car is a 1997 laguna estate 20 s 16v rxe yhank you any one:crazy...
  16. Renault - Megane - Hand Brake not Clicking

    Wheels & tyres
    good morning the hand brake rachet is not working (no cliks) can i repair it? or shall i have to replace the handle? thank you
  17. carminat navigation hand book

    Help can anybody tell me where I can get imformation on philips carminat navigation unit.. as I don.t have an instruction manual.. i.m in Kent . my car is a renault scenic 1999 2000 model .i would be very happy if some one could help..???
  18. right hand indicators

    please help me lol all the indicators on the right hand side of my car have stopped working!! went to renalt about it and they said it is probably to do with the stalk. £72 quid later nope still the same problem me and my dad start to take the dash apart and the bloody thing start working...
  19. Electric hand brake

    Cars & motoring
    I have heard from a driving instructor over here in Northern Ireland that the elctronic handbrake mechanism must be disabled during a driving test. Is this true elsewhere in the UK. Can anyone shed any light on this.:confused:
  20. aftermarket stereo (hand control?)

    ive just fitted and aftermarket stereo in my cousins clio is their a device or lead i can get that lets me use the hand contol under t he steering wheel. same goes for my uncles scenic as he wants me to fit one aswell?