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  1. Grand Scenic stuck hand brake **Fixed**

    Hello, Grand Scenic 7 seats 2.0T 2005 Do you guys know if is possible to fix this issue? Hand brake isn't braking on the right wheel.. on the left is fine but the right has the thing that pulls the cable stuck it doesn't move I can pull it by hand but pretty...
  2. Renault 1.4 Year 2001 Left Hand Drive

    Hi, I noticed water dripping from what looks like a tube leading to the windscreen wiper on the passenger side in the bonnet. There is a seal with a tube in it that slipped out. I pushed it back into the hole it came out of thinking this is what was making the dripping problem. It still drips...
  3. Closing electric windows by hand.......

    Despite the best efforts of myself & friend which is a mechanic, we couldn't get the rear windows to close on my wife's megane convertible. So the only thing for it was to remove the entire assembly & work out how to do it by hand. So I undid the 4 bolts holding it in at the top & the bolt...
  4. Megane Parking / Hand Brake Cable Problem

    On Friday, my handbrake decided it would barely hold the car - the lever suddenly felt really loose so I assumed that the cable had snapped on one side. The brake was just about holding the car right at the end of the physical travel of the lever, so I thought I'd get it sorted out after the...
  5. Traffic Radio Display

    hi, i,m new to this forum .its the 2.2dci lwb 2003 model ,i am having problems getting radio and display to work, and the fuse box under the steering wheel has had the fuse location picture removed thanks for reading..
  6. Fitting 2nd hand engine

    After having a catastrophic cambelt failure and bent valves on my 2005 Grand Scenic II, I have the offer of a complete second hand engine, same year,same engine version, both keycards and running. My question is, would I have to also fit the donor engine ECU as well, would my existing card...
  7. Window not working Left Hand Drive side 2004 Scenic II 1.6

    Hi, Suddenly the window in the driver side of my Renault Scenic is not working anymore. The relay is clicking inside the door. I checked the fuses - all good. I dismounted the door panels and accessed the motor and Temic control module. Could not see anything wrong. Disassembled the...
  8. Hand Brake seizure - Scenic Grand

    I have a scenic grand 2011. A month ago the hand brake seized whilst going up a multi storey ramp. There was a strong smell burning - but the brake released and I thought no more of it. The parking brake hazard warning light came on a couple of weeks later and today I took the car in for a...
  9. Advise on where to get a new or second hand bumper for Laguna coupe Monaco

    Hi I'm after a front bumper for my Laguna coupe Monaco, ideally I want this bumper, but would consider the standard one and respray
  10. Can a second hand car have too few miles?!

    Cars & motoring
    We are deciding between 2 2012 plate petrol scenics. One has done 8000 miles and one 18000 miles, they are a similar price but the 8000 one is much further away. We do only about 5000 miles a year around town. I wondered if a car can do too few miles, as the 8000 one has done an average of...
  11. Hand brake fault df043

    Is df043 a fault in the parking brake motor
  12. Laguna hand brake 2007

    I have a Laguna with the non electronic handbrake that I have an issue with where it was coming up way to high so I adjusted it so it was only clicking about 4 times. Sorted it but only for a few hours and went back to coming right up and doesn't hold the car. Can someone give me an idea of...
  13. How to remove the hand break

    How do u remove the hand brake in a Renault Megane 2008 hatchback
  14. Sticking Hand brake

    Hey people Ok so since owning the car from late July I've experience a little hand brake stick which I know happens and I had it with my other older car. On and off its done it on this one with varying stuckness (not sure if that's even a word!) but a few days ago it was stuck where car...
  15. Hand brake switch location

    Hey lads were is the fuse located for the hand brake light switch in the renulat Megan 2 2008 hatch back
  16. Renulat Megan hand brake warning light switch

    Hey lads a quick question I found the hand break switch in my Megan the question is does the wire connect on to a metal connector or on to switch it self
  17. laguna II hand brake replacement

    been quoted £50 :eek: for my local garage to replace one side as my cable has snapped picked up cable for £12 just hoping this is someting i can do my self cheers
  18. Espace III hand brake adjustment

    I am in France and have been told by the CT (MOT) garage that my hand brake must be adjusted. Can I do this myself and if so how.
  19. Help hand break Fault !!

    Hi, i have a Renault Scenic 05, i have a electric parking break that disengages when i pull away, however this is no longer working and have the "parking break fault" on dash, i can disengage the break using the manual method, but wondered if anyone had any ideal as to why its not working when...
  20. Looking for a car / owners hand book ?

    Tools & equipment
    Looking for a handbook for your car ? Then look no further and visit the "My Renault" section of the Renault Website :- :)