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  1. Second Hand Used Car Buying info - help!

    General Chat
    Hi all I couldn't see anywhere in the forums discussing buying used or even new Renault cars so hopefully it's ok here! Ok now some may be aware my little T reg Clio has been having some issues so my mind has been set to replacing and second hand used is the only option - the thing is i've...
  2. Electronic hand brake unlocks by just pressing accelerator!

    Hi all, I have a 04 Renault Espace that has been stood a while and now when started if i even gently press the throttle pedal it releases the hand brake, if i depress the clutch pedal all the way down then press the accelerator the handbrake stays on. Also when the gear leaver is in neutral the...
  3. Second Hand Trafic With Problems

    General Chat
    Hi everyone, I've never bought a second hand car/van before, and I was hoping to go see a 9 seater trafic tomorrow morning with the intention of buying it. The price is reasonable (maybe too reasonable!) and they've told me that the steering fluid and ball joint need replacing, for which...
  4. Megane - Advice on buying a second hand clockspring

    Hello! I have an airbag/service light on the dash and we have narrowed it down to faulty clockspring thanks to lots of help from these forums :) I have the part number and been looking on ebay for a replacement, there are quite a few on there but none for my exact part number. Does anyone know...
  5. laguna auto hand brake

    hi all, few weeks ago warning, check hand brake came up on dash, hand brake still works fully. since then I have replaced rear disc's and pads, reset hand brake and still have the warning come on, if I press the clutch pedal warning light goes off, release pedal after a few seconds comes back...
  6. Turbo for left hand hand drive car

    Hi, I live in Spain and I am trying to purchase a turbo for my Renault grand espace 2,2 dci, year 2001, 130bhp. I have contacted scrap yards on the internet in the UK and have been given quotes for used and new. I need to know not being a mechanic if these turbos would definitely fit a...
  7. Electric hand brake, MOT failure.

    Hi again. Due to my newbie incompetence I’ve c**ked up the title my first post so I’m starting a new one. Same context but DIFFERENT title. Hi everyone. This is my first post so please be gentle with me. I have a laguna estate 2.0 dCi. 05/55. With the electric hand brake. I thought...
  8. Auto' hand brake. MOT failure.

    Hi everyone. This is my first post so please be gentle with me. I have a laguna estate 2.0 dCi. 05/55. With the automatic hand brake. I thought everything was ok so took it for its MOT yesterday, five days before it runs out. It failed…..The reason for failure is down as; Park brake...
  9. Radio on Scenic II with second hand dashboard display.

    Hi, I have a Scenic II 2005, where the famous dashboard display failure has finally forced me to change the display to a second hand unit. The "new" unit comes from a 2006 car, and everything works fine except for the radio. I noticed that the old display said v 6.02 on a label, and the new one...
  10. left hand indicator fault on laguna 2

    Laguna 2 (2001) Left indicator not working its as if there is no power the right one works fine as do the hazards , it's just when I use the left side nothing happens. I wonderd weather part of the relay is faulty but can't test as unsure how to access this also wonderd maybe the stalk it's...
  11. Question about hand brake in my renault Megane 2008

    Hi lads I have a question about my renault Megane 2008 hatchback when I start the car all the lights come and go off as normal including the hand brake light but when I pull the hand brake there is no light on in the dash my question is that normal in my Megan?
  12. Waiting to pick up my nice new second hand scenic

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all. As the title says I'm waiting to pick up my scenic, it's a 2011 1.5 a dynamique Tom Tom with Bose upgrade. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if this model has keyless entry ?? And is there anything I should look for when I go to fetch the car ?? Thanks x
  13. Reaching out a greasy skinned knuckled hand !

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all... been kicking around the forum for a while.. always intended to join but not until now..I've always been working on all Reny's having owned many over the years including classic's from a 1970's Saviem to a Traffic based Hymer campervan and early several t35 Masters to the 4x4 work...
  14. Brown black connectors next to hand break???

    Recently discovered while cleaning the car I have a black and brown connector coming from the hand break surround, no idea what this is for and Google hasn't brought anything up either. It's a 2003 Megane :)
  15. check hand brake light

    i have read though a lot of posts about the handbrake warning light but can't find a fix . i had a rear brake caliper replaced on my 2005 laguna dynamique 1.9dci estate .this was because the electronic handbrake was seized(drivers side ) .the handbrake now works fine ,even on a steep slope ...
  16. Renault Megan hand brake

    I am just wondering I have a 2008 renault Megane and as normal when I start the o car all the waring lights go out as normal but when I am Parked and I have the hand brake on there is no light in the dash display on is this normal
  17. Electronic parking (Hand) Brake Repairs (Reconditioning)

    Hi all I have a Renault Laguna II 55 reg I have have warning lights on the dashboard tell my i have a handbrake fault. I have priced a new electronic hand brake unit and it was £450+VAT just to buy from Renault. I got the chance of a second hand one but on reading some posts in this Forum and...
  18. removing hand brake cable on caliper

    What is the handiest way to remove the hand brake cable from the caliber on a 2003 Laguna I'm having trouble getting it of caliber
  19. Just Bought a 2nd hand Laguna 1.6 2004

    Car is in great condition in appearance and drives smoothly. The only concern I have is the Card Door Lock It locks allright but is reluctant to reopen, got to give it repeated tries before success, indicator light flashes on each attempt but does not release the locking. I'm now leaving he car...
  20. FP2 - Hamilton maintains upper hand over Rosberg

    Formula 1 news Hamilton held his advantage over Mercedes team mate Nico Rosberg in FP2, although just 0.083s separated the two title contenders on Friday evening in Abu Dhabi. McLaren's Kevin Magnussen was just over half a second down in third...