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  1. What on earth has happened to Carol's bum..

    General Chat
    I think we can all agree that Carol has been admired for many years now by the male population world wide..but as she gets older things seem to be changing and things seem to be sprouting..:eek:
  2. What happened ?!! - fitted a new ARB drop link and...

    What happened ? - fitted a new ARB drop link **Fixed** The o/s CV joint appears to have locked up to result in a banging one can feel through the floor of the car. All I did was replace the ARB drop link to not understand what happened - any ideas ? Anyway I know it's the CV joint as it no...
  3. What may be happened to my lag 2 tpms system?

    Ask the Experts
    Hi everybody, I have an 2003 year lag 2, 2.0 privilige (I hope I wrote this right). When I have purchased it, there was no tpms sensors on the wheels but the headup display shown four black labels near the car symbol. Now I have a diagonostic device and superscan software and last day I found...
  4. So what happened to saving the planet from emmisions ?

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  5. What happened to...

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    What happened to oh no diagnostics on the playstore ? Searching for it and it's not there... Can download the apk off the internet but no good when you have to click on the link to pay and it takes you to non existing on the playstore
  6. What's happened to Hondo?

    General Chat
    Evening all :smile2: I've been away for a while, whats happened to Hondo? He was always here offering his gems of wit and wisdom.
  7. PLEASE HELP! What has happened to my clutch

    Hello My wifes 56 plate Laguna diesel lunge forward whilst in-gear, the clutch pedal now has no play/resistance and just travels to the floor, also strangely the vehicle now doesnt start at all when you press the start button. I have towed it to a local garage but am now looking for any advice...
  8. I cannot believe what just happened!!!

    General Chat
    I did an oil change on my Master van yesterday. I go to check oil level today with the engine stone cold. Pull dipstick out & I hear a snap......guess what? The end of the dipstick has snapped off & is still in the bottom of the dipstick tube or worse in the sump! You are kidding me...what...
  9. Clio III - Turns but won't start. Happened 3 times. Immobiliser problem?

    1. Car turns but won't start. 2. Key locks and unlocks car fine. 3. Immobiliser light goes off when I turn the key. 4. No warning lights. Just to throw into the mix some extra hurdles with diagnosing this problem (FML): A few weeks ago I drove my car home fine, then went to drive it a few...
  10. Wtf just happened!!!

    I have no idea what the hell is going on! Never seen this happen before. Turbo was blown on my car so replaced it, solved that problem however bore1/injector1 wasnt firing properly so I changed injector and same problem was there. I then started it and let it run for maybe 3-5mins? And all of a...
  11. Its finally happened at 126k

    Yesterday my turbo finally went bang after 126k while slowing down going over a train line! Not only did it sh*t me up the way it started to bounce its valves and fill the car and air with thick smoke my two kids were terrified as i frantically set about stalling it to minimize the damage......I...
  12. just to let you know what happened!!!!!

    regarding my other threads (are there any renault specialists online and could someone please tell me what happened) i finally know what went wrong.the gear split from the oil pump shaft so obviously no oil pressure thus you get the oil and stop warning lights no need for applauses no need for...
  13. could someone please tell me what happened

    as I was driving my renault megane classic 19dti (2001) at around 45kph the oil pressure and stop light showed on the instrument panel.The car has only 79,000 km on the clock.There was'nt any smoke or strange noises except for a slight ticking noise from the left side of the engine I'M NEW IN...
  14. What has happened to my remote key?

    Today the little contact that touches the battery in the remote came off i soldered back on and now immobiliser does not recognise key!! I have found a weird thing though the only way it will work is when i turn key in ignition i have to keep the button pressed in and works fine until i lock...
  15. Cadbury's chocolate....what's happened?

    General Chat
    Ok, christmas is the time when most of us go out and buy a tin of Cadbury Roses, amongst others. Anyhow, I settled in this evening and opened the tin and had to check the best before date as the chocolate tastes absolutely awful! Can anyone tell me what has happened? Have they substituted...
  16. clio engine not so well, smell of petrol from exhaust, just happened last few days,

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    love to travel in my beauty. exhaust has smell of petrol and can smell from car but after 1 hour or less this goes, and all is well again, what is the matter with this (I am new to this site so may make a few msitakes along the way). Can any one advise what may be the matter? Also, Not very...
  17. A funny thing happened to my coolant ...

    Heating & cooling
    ... found car with puddle of coolant underneath engine bay. When I parked up that day there had been no problems that I was aware of. Checking the coolant tank, the level had dropped from the Max to just above the Min whilst it was parked. No obvious leak point was visible but the area below the...
  18. I got bored, An epic event happened!

    General Chat
    I had a little time this afternoon and I was bored. No kitchen fitters here for the rest of the day, Nothing on telly.... Me being bored is a dodgy and dangerous thing. I do things like teach myself to cook a roast etc..... .....So...... I turned this.... Into this! Well Ladies...
  19. whats happened?

    Went out for lunch and came home and spent a little time looking over my air con problem and now ive got another problem. Ive got no stereo, no electric mirror power, no courtesy light and no temp/ radio display. Ive checked the fuses by swapping over with new but still nothing. Anyone got any...
  20. What's happened to the Map?

    Hi Guys, Just went in to have a look at the map and noticed that i am not on there, along with many others that used to be also. What gives:confused: :d