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  1. What's been happening with me

    General Chat
    Can't remember what was happening last time I posted. Had my left hip replaced in July 2017. All good, now the dreaded OA has surfaced in my right hand. My left hand was fixed in 2005. I now work full time doing domestic services, pet minding, social care. OH still not in work after his...
  2. Scenic strange happening with electric window

    This started with a clicking noise from the control unit of the rear drivers side electric window. Then the window went down on a few occasions when locking the door. I managed to get the window back up bit by bit just by removing the fuse and replacing it until the window was fully up. I then...
  3. turning key but nothing happening

    turning start key but nothing happening, battery ok starts sometimes.
  4. Biggest ever internet attack happening right now

    Computer Club Quotes: "The internet around the world has been slowed down in what security experts are describing as the biggest cyber-attack of its kind in history." "A row between a spam-fighting group and hosting firm has sparked retaliation attacks...
  5. Strange happening with my car windows.

    I have a 2006 06 renault megane sports saloon. My passenger door and rear driver side door windows, when button is pressed either on driver door or on individual doors only move a few centre metres at a time and have to be pressed repeatedly to open and close them. Has anyone got any ideas...
  6. whats happening to my gears??

    i drive a 1.4 16v clio w reg, just recently when i change from first to second it makes a donk/bang noise and the gear stick shoots forward and back! then if i try to go to third it dosnt locate properly and makes the same noise and same with forth!!! please help?? matt
  7. Whats happening with my 2002 Scenic Fidji???

    Coming home from work last night, on the motorway I might add, my scenic just ct out. The stop & warning light came on as did the battery and oil light. After 30 seconds, I got it started again and it read OIL OK and I managed to get off the motorway before it happened again. All in all 5 times...
  8. Starnge thing happening to electrics Clio 1999

    Hi I'm after some advice. Just been getting my clio 1.2 ready for its annual MOT . Come across several problems, relating to the electrics. First off when checking the hazard warning light switch nothing happened, the indicators at this point were still working. Ok so I checked under the left...
  9. Headlamp washer jets- nothing happening

    Hi Folks, My Lag has xenons and the headlamp washer jets. They were working fine until a few days ago- now they are completely dead, no pop up, no water no nothing. I've checked the appropriate fuse in the main fusebox and the one in the underbonnet fuse box indicated in the Haynes manual...
  10. Sat Nav display & blower motor - what's happening??

    A strange one but maybe someone else has experienced the same thing. Last week after the car (Laguna 2.2dci 04 reg) had been parked up for four days while I had been away I drove off and the bars came up on the climate control window to say the fan was blowing - but it wasn't. I switched climate...
  11. is it me or is this happening to all

    Hi there is a Thread started by the one and only Lagdti (Misc) MOT Questions, and it goes like this its showing page 17 but when you click on it its not going there and returning to page 16:confused: is it me or iam i missing something Cheers Donald
  12. What is happening to Britain?

    General Chat
    Ever get the feeling you've been conned? Elizabeth Beckett knows it: Beware of 'Common Purpose' it is not all it seems.
  13. whats happening

    The Forum seems to be getting so overloaded with non-Renault stuff that its now difficult to dip in for a quick look. can someone tell us why we need Jokes and Funny stuff (we drive the things), News (I use the BBC or ITV) and all the other non Renault topics. Fine I suppose if you have the...
  14. Can Anyone Beat Me This Month For Bad Things Happening!!!

    Regional activity
    well here goes,,, 1. lost the gf (she was still seeing her ex on and off so i called it a day) 2.Broke My Car 3.had an accident in the work van wrote it off 4.And last nite i got jumped from behind... Wot Else can happen this month ive had enuf......:devil: