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    I'm the happy New owner of a Renault Grand Espace MK4 3.0dci 2006. As I have the full history since 0m it's helpful. 89000 and first thing done 2 days after been with me... full service. :) Drives, feels and behaves spotless and as a dream!
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    Hi Guys, as per title, I own a little Renault Megane Scenic, it suits New Zealand's twisting roads very well and is the right proportions for my needs. An interesting car, a great car!:grin2:
  3. Opie Oils\
    Merry Christmas everybody, Until midnight Boxing Day we have 15% Off Everything with voucher code XMAS - PLUS free standard shipping to most mainland UK addresses for orders over £50! Voucher code XMAS can be used on oils and fluids, engine oil service packs, filters, spark & glow plugs...
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    I've already got a lot of tips on my megane 1998, and now i decided to become a member just to share wiht you my experiences on this car.
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    Hello Everyone! I'm a very happy owner of a '99 Twingo. I really like the shape of this car and its ergonomics. I mean, when you look at it, you can't even imagine how much spaces it has to offer. Not to say about the fuel consumption of it, which lays at about 4,3 lt/100km (which translates to...
  6. Brakes/Hubs
    My 2008 Grand Scenic had a handbrake fault, and after reading various comments, I thought I'd share about how I resolved it. A few weeks back, my EPB made a grating sound (dashboard warning et al..) but still engaged the brakes, and disengaged as normal. This only happened on a hill, never on...
  7. Opie Oils\
    Happy New Year - Free UK Mainland Shipping £35+ We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and are getting ready for a cracking New Year. To start 2015 with bang, Opie Oils are giving Free UK Mainland Shipping on all order over £35. Some Scottish post codes and out of area deliveries are...
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  9. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Dear Members I am Salim from Libya. It's my first day in the forum. I wish you a happy new year. A year full of joy and happiness. A year of fruitful businesses and successful careers. Kind regards Salim
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    Hi all I am so new and just registered myself in as i just got a car on wednesday. The check your gearbox message came on this evening. Boohoo. Hopefully i wont get it again. I love my new car.
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    Hello future friends, I have been a member for 10 mins and have already found out what's wrong with my 2003 Clio Extreme so for that I thank you, I bought it 6 weeks ago for £200 because the head gasket has blown but other than that the car is in near showroom quality and only 50k miles, since...
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    Thank you for letting me in I did try patric for the username but they wouldn't let me in !! Anyway good to be here and get some useful info and hopefully make some very good friends at the same time Hope you all have a great week ahead Think positive and who knows what will happen ! Jim
  13. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Weve just bought an espace 2.2dci all seems ok then I read forum and think have I done the right thing , does anyone have anything good to say about it?mines great ! Lol
  14. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello all. Just joined and found answer to my problem in about 5 mins. Great Forum.
  15. Electronics
    Thanks so much to the both of you my front passenger window is now WORKING! :d I came home from work last night and had a blast at fixing it before the rain started again. Thankfully the rain stayed off for a few hours and all is sorted. Without this fantastic forum and great people like...
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    Hi everybody, I am from panama where I have a Kangoo with some problems!! maybe someone can help me!!!!
  17. Welcome to RenaultForums
    hello to all you renault folk. lookin forward to some chatter cheers
  18. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hiya everyone I've just bought my second used scenic because i like them so much however this one has a problem with the boot lock, the boot is locked and when i press the central locking key it makes the sound that it is unlocking but nothing happens so when i tried using the key one the button...
  19. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Just joined and before posting a request for help thought I'd wish everyone Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!! for 2011:d Douggie
  20. Engines
    Hiyall - bought my 2003 1.5 DCI Clio about four months ago after previously owning a 19 TDI some years back. I forgot what a good firm and responsive ride it is. Sadly though, Just found out it's got a broken control ring and I'm currently gathering quotes for either a recon engine, or for work...