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  1. Weird warm start, read below

    My 2003 1.5dci starts really hardly when it is hot, but fine at the morning. Yesterday i found out, that after i put it in first gear then try to start (so it jumps one), it starts. Maybe it is not knowing the positions of the pistons. Is it TDC sensor? Just because i already changed it, can it...
  2. Need help with Dash cam hard wire - 05 Grand Scenic

    Hi all, Well basically I just bought the nextbase 412gw and hardwire kit and I'm confused on what would be a suitable earth. I have found a screw by the door or one under the glove box in the back of the footwell. Does it just have to be unpainted metal and it will work?
  3. Renault megane dynamic hard top 2007

    Ask the Experts
    Cant open petrol cap cant find any other way to no emergency pull
  4. hard to get out of 1st

    so ive not been well the last few days and the car has been sat out front and not moved. Came to move car today , and realised id left it gear without handbrake. Popped handbrake on and took out of 1st and started car. Into 1st pulled away and went for 2nd - and went for 2nd and stopped...
  5. 2.0 dci Grand scenic has to be worked hard

    Hi all,have this 08 Grand Scenic 2.0 diesel 66k miles FSH. Posting this as I wanted to check if this is normal or there is an issue with the engine/clutch/tuning . I had previously a mondeo 2.0 tdci and I found it more responsive and with more power in reserve than the scenic. Firstly I could...
  6. Idle Renault megane convertible hard top 1.6 2005

    Hello. Does anbody nonwhere i can find the idle control valvue on a 1.6 megane hard top bad idleing when cold and had serviced cam belt done throttle body cleaned a temp sensor done did it before and after all that was a bit better after body throttle cleaned . 46000 on clock got it from a lady...
  7. Renault Master hard starting

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    Hi I have a 2005 Renault Master 2.5cdi 100 and when the van is parked uphill it is hard to start but if it is on level ground it starts OK. I have fitted a new fuel filter housing but does not help. It seems the fuel is running back to the tank as I have to prime the system if it is parked uphill.
  8. clio 1.2 16v sometimes grinds reverse and hard to engage 1st and 2nd

    I got my clio about 2 months ago, used. It's a december of 2002 model and it looked to be in good condition. I noticed after i bought it that the gear lever moves quite a bit every time i push the clutch in and let it go slowly when the car was moving and in gear. When parking or when i had to...
  9. Scenic won't start, brake pedal felt hard?

    Hi, I have just had to leave my car in a dark and lonely car park as it has broken down. Was on to the RAC for almost an hour then told 3 to 4 hour wait...don't think so at this time of night and alone so will return to my car tomorrow morning. Anyway, it was fine earlier, parked up at the car...
  10. Koleos Life - Siri is incredibly fuzzy and hard to hear

    Hi guys I'm using my iPhone in my new (2017) Koleos Life - the base model here in Australia. Whether I'm on Bluetooth or plugged in, when I press the "voice" button on the steering wheel, Siri is incredibly fuzzy and "low-fi" sounding when she talks. Strangely, when I use Apple navigation (or...
  11. Scenic II hard to select gear, garage want £575 to fix

    Hi all. Got a bit of a problem with the Scenic at the moment. Only bought the car a couple of weeks ago, but drove fine until a day or two ago. The thing crunches when trying to get into reverse, and is hard to get into any gear. You have the ram it into first, but once underway it seems to ease...
  12. [LagII] Hard shifting + clunk/bang noise...

    Hi to all! :) I have problem with Laguna II, 2002, 1.6 16V, K4M 710 and manual 5 speed transmission JH3005. I recently changed clutch pressure plate, friction plate, release bearing and master cylinder (behind pedal) and fresh oil. Oil is Elf NFJ, clutch plates are Sachs and cylinders are...
  13. clio diesel hard to start after being turned off for a few hours

    Sorry if in the wrong place but new to this. I have a 56 plate clio diesel that is a promlem to start It takes about 10 to 15 times to start but once it starts it run fine and will start again if not been switched off for to long The fuel filter has been replaced and also a new hand prime pump...
  14. Hard start, Injection light on, does not go past 4000RPM/on limp mode, Cruise control

    Renault Megane lll RS 2.0T 2015 I have ordered a crank sensor from Renault, I believe all other faults are caused by faulty crank sensor. I've tried cleaning the sensor, securing the connector and checked sensor wiring - the fault stays! [emoji35] Any suggestion? Am I on the right track?
  15. Hard Wire Led Strip Lights - 2017 Renault Megane

    Hey guys i've just brought a set of car interior RGB color 9 LED strip lights. They came with a 12v cigarette lighter plug but i don't want to use that. My Megane has strip lights in the doors shown below and they light up when my car unlocks and stay lit until i the car locks. Is there a fuse...
  16. Hard to believe but from this (1st photo) to this (2nd photo) in just two year.

    Campervan Chat
    It's hard to believe but Rudolph went from this (1st photo) to this (2nd photo) in just two year. But now it's time to get the creature comforts off the ground.
  17. starter stuck on in hard frost

    Last hard frost, put key card in & pressed button once, as always it starts 1st time, but would not run as the starter kept on going, eventually battery was slowing down, diesel smoke was pouring from exhaust, all the instruments were going be se rk , pulled key out & managed to stop it, opened...
  18. Hard wiring dash cam

    Hi, I own a Renault Megane coupe 2012 and today unsuccessfully tried to hard wire the Dashcam to the fuse box in the glove compartment. I ordered the cabling with a fuse kit to only piggy back off a fuse already inserted. I decided to use the cigarette lighter on fuse 19. Connect the...
  19. Hard Wire Dash Cam - Renault Megane dCi Dynamique S Nav

    Hey guys, i've just brought a Nextbase 512GW dash cam and a hard wire kit for my new Renult Megane dCi Dynamique S Nav. I've got the wires all hidden and earthed but not sure which fuse to connect too. It says in the kit instruction that it should be set on a switched power source. Any help...
  20. Connecting BenQ gaming monitor to computer hard drive

    Computer Club
    hi, I have tried everything but my gaming monitor says it still needs a cable connection. evan.