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  1. 2011 Trafic injector bolts cylinder head damaged

    I have owned my 2011 Renault Trafic from new. In August 2017 I had three of the injectors replaced after originally complaining to Renault UK about them being heavily corroded due to the much documented scuttle panel seal failing. The dealer and Renault UK shared the cost of the repair and I...
  2. Espace & Vel Satis 3.0 dci Head Gasket issue - (P9X) opinions on solutions

    I'm looking for peoples views on the ongoing success rate of changing the gasket alone or whether other problems were found & resolved at the same time - perhaps head warping? If other problems were found, what problems were found? I too have finally fallen victim what I believe is the head...
  3. Renault19 Head Gasket Oil Leak

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi All, My 1989 Renault 19 TSE 1390cc has just failed it’s MOT, primarily due to an oil leak from the head gasket and another from the gear box. The head gasket leak has been there for some time but apparently this year a new item has been added to the test for environmental /pollution reasons...
  4. head gasket or water pump?

    Heating & cooling
    Hi there I have a 56 renault grand scenic, had her 5yrs no real issues, overheated 5 days ago got home checked fluids- empty expansion tank- refilled, started following morning bubbling sounds from behind dash, stopped within 30secs, car drove fine no smoke no contaminated oil. checked water...
  5. upgrading head unit

    Evening all, first day on here so huge apology in advance if I have posted in the wrong section etc etc. I own a 2010 megane dymanique with tomtom. I am wondering If I can upgrade the renault head unit in my car to the later version with usb and aux socket built in WITHOUT knackering my tomtom...
  6. 2011KangooSport86 Engine Swap Head gasket

    General Chat
    Hi At 115k have head gasket failure on 2011 kangoo sportvan 86 bhp Renault customer services have provided this info K9kdý199540 802 (k9k802) Gearbox a175667à What alternatives do i have? it seems k9k K9K 728 / 766 / 772 / 796 / 802 / 830 aee all similar .can i upgrade to a 100 bhp...
  7. What happens to stereo display on dash if I fit an aftermarket head unit on Kangoo 1

    Can it be made to display from the new stereo, or does it just display the clock? Kangoo MK1:smile2:
  8. 2009 renault scenic 2, oil leaking on top of head and check injection

    Ask the Experts
    HI Guys I have a 2009 Renault scenic 2, I've had an issue this past week where the car read check injection and loss of power. After pulling in and plugging the map sensor the car seems to go fine, but problem came up again yesterday. I've also noticed alot of oil on top of the head and plugs...
  9. Changing dipped head light bulbs

    I am trying to change my near side dipped headlight bulb on a grand scenic dynamic
  10. Head torque settings

    Afternoon everyone I just want to know what the torque settings for Renault scenic 1.4 16v 2001model is please
  11. Intermittent Scenic 07 Head / Side Lights - Help **Sorted**

    Hi all, hope you all had a good Christmas. One of my presents has been that the lights on my 2007 Grand Scenic has stopped working on and off. A couple of times I've just had the sidelights working but then next time the headlights have been ok again. Wife went to the cinema with the kids...
  12. Replacement Aftermarket Head Unit - Clio Mk4

    In-car entertainment
    I recently purchased a 2015 Clio MK4 (Dynamique MediaNav) and experienced heavy bluetooth stuttering issues. Upon searching for a proposed fix, it looks like Renault brushed any responsibility of it and its basically a piece of crap. I'm looking to bin it and get something more competent...
  13. Chances of wiring a reverse camera in to Satnav head unit?

    Hi all What would the chances be of wiring a reversing camera in to a Laguna 2, 2005 dvd Satnav screen?
  14. Change head unit and keep Tom Tom?

    Hi all I have a 2014 scenic 3 dynamique Tom Tom. I have found the OEM hands free to be quite poor ( when on other end ) compared to other makes especially my old 2012 S-max, also I miss DAB. Does anyone know if you can change the standard head unit and still keep the Tom Tom? The only sort...
  15. Clio 2002 cylinder head bolt removal

    Hi guys and girls, Any one know how to remove cylinder head bolts? I suspect some Muppet in the past who owned the car before me, as had the engine to bits and over tighten the bolts. I have up to now tried the proper way of remove them ( one turn at a time in a spiral) but the heads just...
  16. Clio 3 New Head Unit. Which adapters needed?

    In-car entertainment
    Hi So after upgrading the front speakers it is time for a new head unit. I ordered a Pioneer DEH-X7800DAB but I am uncertain how many adapters I need. I have attached a picture of my current head unit(From the front since I did not get the removal tools yet) For now I will stick to FM radio...
  17. Will an iveco 2.8 head / engine fit a master 2.8 dti?

    Evening, Bought a dci 100 master that's actually got a 2.8 lump and a valve shims bust and engines seized, nearly got head off but not quite to see damage. Read through all links to the question and found no definitive answers, will a 2.8 dti master engine have the same block as an iveco or...
  18. Bargain skimmed and re valved head for g9u master for £100.

    General Chat
    I've had to let someone down after finding out today that my 2.5 dci 100 is a 2.8 ffs. So I'd like to atleast advertise it for him as it's a steal. On shpock £100.
  19. Clio II, new audio head unit, what about volume control stalk?

    Hi all, New here. Joined because I picked up my first ever Clio yesterday (2002 1.5 dci) and already loving it! I Couldn't find the answer to this anywhere else (certainly not via searching) so asking here: I just fitted an Alpine UTE-72BT head unit. Bought a loom converter, plugged...
  20. Vel Satis 3.5 V6 Head gasket or worse?

    Hi there forum! I need to give some context before telling what issue is about. Renault Vel Satis 3.5 was my dream car for a long time. It was also one ofmy best friends dream car aswell. And know I was in a situation when I could really aford it not that is expensive but to gift myself for...